Wednesday, November 4, 2015


UPDATEA friend woke me to tell me I missed the obvious.  Luis Saenz is suing Tony Martinez in the Lincoln Park matter.  This means if someone files suit to remove Tony Martinez Luis Saenz automatically has to remove himself from the lawsuit and cannot act as the county attorney

The law being used in Dallas is complex.  But any citizen can bring a lawsuit to remove an elected official.  You just better have a good reason and be able to prove your claims.

I can think of two which will move forward.  Under the rules if Saenz is sued the county commission must assign an outside county attorney to take over the lawsuit.  The judge then decides if the lawsuit can move forward.   Because this is Cameron county every elected district judge will recuse themselves rather than do their job.  So the burden will fall on a visiting judge.


I forgot - as a UT employee she voted yes on turning over Lincoln Park.  This would be a basis for removal.  The people and lawyers in this town can turn the city and county upside down if they would just fight.  The Herald would not be allowed to ignore these lawsuits.  Such as the Dallas lawsuit the story would go state wide and tied in to the verified corruption which has been covered nationally.

But the people must stand with the help of a lawyer willing to put the people ahead of profit.


The BV broke and developed the Case del Nylon story.  My source was Melissa Zamora Landin.  She called me and told me the deal was negotiated by Tony Martinez's law partner and that said fact was hidden from the commission.  Melissa told me and Jessica Tetreau later verified once she took her seat that Abraham Galonsky was allowed into executive session during negotiations.  This the federal courts have found to be illegal. This makes the purchase of the Casa del Nylon and El Cid buildings illegal.  The question is will Tony chance removal and bring Diane Dillard, wife to federal judge Hanen down with him?  You bet he will.

Any citizen can bring a lawsuit for the removal of Tony Martinez over the Casa del Nylon matter.  I defy Saenz to run cover for Martinez - it will be his hangman's noose.


There are two I can think of concerning Saenz.  Josefina Fisher can sue to remove Saenz over the criminal prosecution of her  for obscene language to wit "Calling Yolanda Begum a fake."  And let's not forget the $6,000 Alex Begum gave Saenz even though he does not have a criminal law practice.

The second case I can think of is any of the people on pretrial release who retroactively are being forced into these endless urine tests and being forced to report to probation endlessly.  On that note most judges have met and have decided they will not revoke probation on anyone being abused by Avertest. I can also say the probation office has already decide to ignore most requests for revocation submitted by Avertest. They are no more happy with the abuses by Avertest than the people on pretrial release. Also remember Avertest is being sued for civil rights violations.

If Saenz is sued for removal commissioners court must then appoint a county attorney to take over the case.  A judge then decides if it can move forward.

If any attorney or person is interested in taking action just read the Dallas story.  The pleadings can be obtained from the district clerk.  No reason to reinvent the wheel.


Anonymous said...

If any citizen can file the suit....why don't you do it Bobby? The community will stand behind you and you will get elected easily after you win.

BobbyWC said...

On most days between noon to 1 the fatigue sets in and I go down until about 5 p.m. When I get up to make dinner for my roommate and I. I then try and handle personal matters or clean the house a bit.

I could be a billionaire and be 100% assured of victory and would not seek office because as of right now maintaining my home is a major challenge.

This is why I want an independent guardian for my brother. I have had access to his money for months and even with over 100 hours of work to turn everything into cash and put it in a money market I have not asked for a penny. But my doctor told me his needs are leaving me overwhelmed so I asked the court to appoint an independent Guardian so I no longer have to do the work or deal with my sister in laws daughter.

The sheriff has verified the one daughter left him to die for two days. He cannot walk. She took her mother to the hospital while leaving my brother in his chair, and never checking on him. He cannot walk. He could not move. I by chance called him to tell him our brother in law and I were heading up in the morning which is when I found out he had been sitting in his own feces and urine for two days with no water or food.

The same step daughter accused my brother of sexually molesting her while in his nursing home room. My brother has no prostate, tumors on his brain, cannot move his legs and cannot feed himself because he cannot hold a fork.

Several years back I had to rush from Dallas because the same daughter with her daughter in law had a lawyer prepare documents for him to sign to turn over all his money and home to them under the claim because of his stroke the government was going to come in and take everything away. He called me crying. I stopped what they were doing.

His wife is not mentally competent to manage anything. She is also delusional. I have the proof that she called me to demand I pay her $1,300 for using and damaging her riding lawnmower. Yes I would drive 18 hours round trip to use her riding lawnmower. When I refused as late as 11 p.m. I had my brother leaving messages on my phone - 6 in all begging me to just do as she was demanding because she would not leave him alone until I paid. It was her daughter who lives 5 minutes away who refused to put a lock on the shed or move the riding lawnmower to her home.

I called the nursing home to stop the abuse and they refused.

My energy is gone. My specialist has told me the CT scan shows my lower lungs no longer function. He could not believe this was missed by the ER doctor. I can mow for 5 minutes and have to sit for 15 because I am in a near state of hyperventilating.

So no - while I would love to just sign the papers and go back to the court room I will not - the state must concede what they did to me was wrong. If I sign the papers I could actually run for DA, and I would clean this town fast.

We are still working on forcing the State Bar to do the right thing. It is tricky. While the Sorola and Garza complaints were valid they were pursued for two reasons. One my nephew is at his limits with Saenz, and two I wanted further proof that the State Bar is running cover for the DA and ADA's in Cameron county. The FBI is watching the entire thing.

So no, with all the money in the world and a guaranteed victory I would not run for any office. I could not serve - I am just too warn out - and until I win the lottery I will not be able to get the healthcare needed to fix the problem.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"My source was Melissa Zamora Landin. She called me and told me the deal was negotiated by Tony Martinez's law partner and that said fact was hidden from the commission. Melissa told me and Jessica Tetreau later verified once she took her seat that Abraham Galonsky was allowed into executive session during negotiations."

You should protect your sources a little more Bobby. That is why no one listens to you anymore or gives you information. You should have nurtured your relationship with Melissa. You will never get another great source like her.

BobbyWC said...

Melissa is of zero value to me. I have ADA's and at least one city commissioner still feeding me information, COB staff, BISD staff - the one thing I do not lack are sources.

But like I said I am tired of all of the backstabbing and double standards - they want me to go after the people they dislike but the second I go after someone they want protected they accuse me of everything under the sun.

There are no sacred cows at the BV.

Plus by outing Melissa if someone files against Tony on Casa Del Nylon DA Saenz will have to remove himself from the case because of Melissa as a material witness. We need a county attorney way outside the LRGV to make this work and by telling the truth about Melissa I just took Saenz off of the case.

Now if you think me forcing Saenz out of the Martinez case is a bad thing, that is your right. Everything I do is calculated and well thought out.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BobbyWC said...

I'M glad someone's memory is better than mine

Thanks for finding the post

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Your old post conflicts with this one perhaps unintentionally. It would behoove you to address that.

BobbyWC said...

Political dynamics change all of the time I can only report on what is happening in the then and now - if the dynamics change they change I cannot change that.

Maybe the commissioners needs to address the issue. As to Melissa the story is exactly the same. As to Rick Longoria his statement is his statement I cannot control that and will not presuppose to explain any change in dynamics concerning Rick Longoria.

Bobby WC