Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On October 21, 2015, at about 9:20 p.m., a 16 year old driver rear ended my vehicle at Los Ebanos and IH 69 feeder. We pulled into a parking lot there at the corner.  My bumper and passenger side fender were damaged.  About the time I asked for her insurance I realized she was way too young to be driving.  I asked and she said she was 16.  I was not happy.  I then asked for her insurance and she said because she was 16 her dad had it with him.  I took a picture of her driver's license and car tags. 
I asked for her parents' phone number so I could deal with them because she was minor.  I wrote a note to her father that he should not worry about me being injured because I was not injured.  I wanted the father to know I was taking this off the table. I did it in writing.
The following day I called the father and he said he has had too many problems with insurance companies so he has no insurance on any of his cars.
I called my insurance company and they told me in order to collect under my uninsured I needed a police report.
In cities all over Texas if you call 911 for a non-injury accident they are going to tell you to just go to the police station because they do not send police out for non injury accidents.  This makes sense for me because we really need then patrolling for real crimes.
Officer Katherine E. Gomez badge number 6917, refused to issue a police report, but agreed to take my complaint and reduce it to writing.  It took her more than a week to reduce to writing the information I gave her.  She kept on saying I made a contract with the other person to not seek a police report.  I have no knowledge of any such contract. 
Although she had the plate number of the car, and the father's phone number she refused to check for insurance or even call the father. 
My insurance company ran the plates and verified there was no insurance on the car, and  placed my claim as uninsured.
So there you have it, if you are 16 years old and driving without insurance and rear end someone the Brownsville police will not ticket you for not having insurance.
Because she is a minor I will not use her name, but I have reason to believe she is still out there driving without insurance.  Her father did not give a crap the first time, so why would he care now.  A search of their home shows it to have a value just under $300,000.
It angers me that I have to buy insurance for the people who refuse to buy insurance.  Once my insurance company sues, the first $250 comes to me as reimbursement for my deductible.
Now in all likelihood, my insurance company will sue her.  Once the judgment issues DPS will suspend her license until she pays the judgment.  Because she is under 18 it may be suspended until she reaches 18.  A lawyer told me I can email the police report and the estimate by my insurance company to DPS and they will immediately suspend her license for no insurance.
If she is going to ignore our laws at 16, because she wants what she want, where will she be when she is 21.  It is better she learn a hard lesson now.

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