Sunday, November 15, 2015


When we ignore history we tend to repeat it. The historical documents prove FDR and his administration were fully aware of the slaughter of millions of Jews, and others and chose to do nothing.  We knew about the killing fields in Cambodia and chose to do nothing until millions were dead.

Now the same people in mind who advocated for doing nothing as millions died in German gas chambers and millions died in Cambodia are blaming the French for trying to stop the slaughter by radicalized Muslims in the Middle East.

According to the people blaming France for the attacks the following is okay.

" The attacks were carried out by militants who some suspect are linked to the Islamic State.
Marchers in Kabul on Wednesday walked for almost four hours with the coffins of the victims, which included the body of Shukria, a 9-year-old girl,"

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I have two grand nephews who have seen up close the collateral damage done by the U.S. to children, but they have also seen the collateral damage done to children by the radicalized Muslims.  They can get the images of the soldiers out of their heads, but the children are a different story.

Every day woman are stoned to death or beheaded.  Entire ethnic groups, which ISIS or one of the many other groups with similar Sharia law values, are put to death every day.  Hundreds of thousands have died and fled their homes.  Europe is facing a refugee crisis.  There is no place to put all of the refugees.  They are not fleeing their home countries because of the collateral damage by U.S. and other country drone attacks, they are fleeing the radicalized Muslims.  They know if the U.S. fails their lives are over.

So yes, the U.S., France and others are killing innocent men, women and children as part of the collateral damage.  But if you for one second think ISIS attacked Paris because of the dead children you are beyond ignorant.  They attacked Paris because they are counting on those blaming France for the attacks to convince the West to pull out and allow ISIS to turn the Middle East into another Killing Fields or Auschwitz until those in charge believe the entire Middle East is cleansed of those they deem to be heretics.

When they killed a Jordanian pilot by beheading the King of Jordon sent a strong message of resistance.  We need to triple up on the drone strikes.  We need to do a better job in getting these towns evacuated ahead of the attacks.  [correction from informed reader "They killed the pilot by locking him in a cage, splashing him with flammable liquid and igniting it. Beheading would have been merciful." ]  This is when the BV works best - thanks for the professional manner in which you presented the important correction.

We cannot avoid collateral deaths of innocents, but we can avoid the cleansing of the Middle East of all so called heretics which will certainly be in the millions.  As cleansing continues Europe will continue to be flooded with refugees, and refugees by the thousands will die at sea.  Somehow this seems to be a viable option for those who blame France.

We sat back as thousands of Jews and others went to gas showers and then the ovens.  We sat back as the Cambodian cities were emptied and millions died.  The question is do we sit back again and claim clean hands by avoiding several thousand innocent dead caused by collateral damage, or do we accept the several thousand innocent dead by collateral damage in order to save millions?

Humanity does the latter - those who love to repeat failed history do the former.


Anonymous said...

I Agree with your post.
Some folks around me say that ISIS is all around us and we cannot do anything.
That might be true but we need to unite as a world and do something. Or we risk losing it all.
Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

They killed the pilot by locking him in a cage, splashing him with flammable liquid and igniting it. Beheading would have been merciful.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the important correction