Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Salt Lake City may have just elected its first lesbian mayor - yes that is correct - the home base of the Mormon Church which spent millions to stop marriage equality in California.  This is just restoring my faith in our  future.  It also tells me people are tired of these socially divisive issues.  This could mean our elected officials may finally be getting back to dealing with the economic and budgetary issues which are so pressing.

"Tuesday's unofficial and incomplete results gave Jackie Biskupski a 52.1 percent to 47.8 percent lead over Becker. They are separated by 1,450 votes out of 33,717 counted — 46.8 percent of registered voters in Salt Lake City."

See SLC Paper

So we have the center of the Mormon church electing a lesbian as mayor, and in Houston, Texas  an equality ordinance going down to defeat. 

You know the sooner we get away from these divisive social issues, we can turn to the economy and budget.  Our economy does not run on social division.  It runs on solid economic policy.

I am at a lost to explain how Salt Lake City appears to have elected a lesbian mayor, while Houston voted down an equality measure for everyone in the sexual spectrum.

Texas is an enigma.  I think the control the social conservatives have on this state is going to come to an end sooner than later. There are too many people moving into the state with more open minded views on the social issues.  Further, as more and more young people come to vote social issues which divide us, will be a thing of the past.

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Anonymous said...

Your faith in the future may be restored ...but in anyone else's it means moral values and the catholic teachings are being thrown out the window. Do not mistake getting someone gay elected with acceptance of their lifestyle. Apathy plays a big part...people just do not care to go to the polls.....I am sure there was gay elected officials long before this one came along and at a much earlier time in our history. Maybe George Washington was a closet man lover....who knows.