Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Several years back - maybe 6 years or so, I spent all night at Office Depot to get a new computer.  The RAM was the largest on the market at the time, and the price was good.  They only had a handful available for Black Friday.  I think I got there at about 10 p.m. Thanksgiving night for a 6 a.m. opening on Friday. I brought a chair and blanket and was still cold all night.  I got my computer at the really good price.


Two weeks later the regular price for the computer was the Black Friday price.


I am buying as a gift a particular 32" TV.  The price at Sears for at least two weeks is exactly the advertised price for Black Friday.  The deal is good.  But my issue is, for two weeks I could have gone to Sears to buy the TV for the same price it is on sale for Black Friday.  There is no sale, it is its regular basis.

UPDATE:  SANTA GOT THE TV.  I checked everyone's Black Friday price and it is the same price I just paid a few minutes ago.  Sears was empty.  On Friday they will only have three left, assuming they do not sell any more between now and closing..  I got it with no lines or getting up in the middle of the night


Wait a week or two and whatever you are trying to get will go on sale.  Truck loads are arriving at stores for Holiday sales. What does not sell on Black Friday, the stores will discount to clear their inventory.

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Anonymous said...

I ordered a 48 in television from SAMs Club at a very good pre Black Friday price. It arrived at my door yesterday. No hassles no lines. I noticed on their web site many of the deals were much less online with free shipping than in the store.