Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last night multiple times I experienced respiratory arrest.  The pressure on my bi-PAP is either 14-16 or 16-18.  Either way it is very high.  It is high enough to cause someone without experience using it to choke if they put on the mask.

Because of what is now a total of 5 pills over an hour and a half which I take to help me try and sleep, when they work I am out.  I woke up not breathing.  I could not even choke.  I sat up and I started to breath.  I put my head down, put back on the bi-PAP, and fell asleep right away because of the medicine.  Within seconds again I was not breathing.  Again I could not even choke.  - same routine  after falling asleep real fast again - again I woke up - this went on for maybe around 10-15 minutes.

I got up and did some research and I learned I was to drink something and walk around for a while.  I did.  I fell asleep until 9:30 a.m. when nature called.

Valley Baptist on an emergency basis was not even on the table.  They would have assigned the on call doctor while denying me access to my pulmonologist who I trust.  So tomorrow I will try and see if I can get an emergency appointment with him and pay with the money I have been saving for the roof.

If I go to the VA they will send me across the street for emergency testing.  This means Valley Baptist Harlingen which is a lot worse than Valley Baptist Brownsville.  Emergency room care is the most expensive form of care.  An emergency voucher to my pulmonologist is the best option in terms of cost and meaningful care - but there is no money.

Because of a lack of funding an emergency voucher from the VA could take weeks.  I am going on two weeks waiting on a voucher to see a specialist about the ongoing painful spasms of my diaphragm.  This could actually be the source of the respiratory arrest.  The increased dosage on the Lyrica could also be the cause.  I use Lyrica for neuropathy and to make me sleep.  The new dosage is based on the neuropathy.  Imagine a roller with sharp razors going over your outer thigh and then you will know what I am feeling when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I cannot even move my leg without enhancing the pain.

A specialist has been chosen for the diaphragm, but there is no funding for the VA Harlingen.  All of the vouchers are being delayed.

But the bottom line is I would rather play Russian Roulette on my life then allow any doctor in a Valley Baptist emergency room to attend to me. Without getting into privacy issues, I can tell you Valley Regional is no better.  The ER is a complete disaster.  The ward care at Valley Region seems better than Valley Baptist, but not by much.

Both hospitals emergency room doctors in the case of someone I know have refused to enter orders to allow the person's specialist to see him.  The first time he nearly died.  It was only after an AFIB and the ICU doctor had seen the attending was refusing the specialist access to the patient was the specialist allowed in.  By then the man was bleeding internally and an emergency colectomy had to be done at about 7 at night.  It was 30 days of dark ages medical care at Valley Baptists.  We have had the same emergency room experience at Valley Regional.  The specialist is fine, the problem is the ER doctors and attendings assigned by the hospitals refusing the specialist access to their patients.

You do not go into these hospitals unless your doctor has had you admitted.  This way the specialist is your doctor from square one.  It is still not safe because you are dependent on the medical staff carrying out the orders of your specialist.  I can tell your from experience that is even a challenge.

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