Wednesday, October 14, 2015

After bringing in General Counsel for the VA, things began to move on my brother's case.  But that still did not stop the game playing.  While General Counsel was doing her part the VA still demanded that I bring my brother from far north east Texas to Harlingen for a physical, and just yesterday told me in a letter they would decide his case without medical records because I have failed to provide them.  All lies

Well today I was put in contact with the actual person in charge of my brother's case.  I was informed the physical will be done in the nursing home if one is needed.  I was told the medical records had in fact been received from me and the doctors and they indicate his continued strokes are caused by the agent orange exposure during his two tours in Vietnam. 

I was told the file is already in the hands of the doctor who will decide his case on the medical records, or order a physical done at the nursing home, although the agent hired to do this refuses to do physicals in nursing homes.  They will bring in someone else if need be.  I was told within 6 weeks a decision will be made - that is on the outside - I was told it is more likely 4 weeks or sooner.

Everyone knows this is a high priority case because of the treatment he needs which he cannot get where he is at.

Why did I have to go to the General Counsel to get things moving?  They could not afford more bad press so once the right person reviewed the file all of the nonsense stopped and the file was moved along.  So I wait - but at least I have a time table and they are working directly with me again.

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