Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 The picture of the young lady in not the one involved in the story.  But she began her journey when I believe she was like 10, and has done a lot of educational information videos.
In terms of my final opinion my view is easy - I have no problem with transgender females using the female locker-room after gym. But I will say if I were a father whose daughter were sharing a locker-room with a transgender female, I would be hesitant in accepting the situation.  I am not sure how I would feel about my daughter showering with a female with a penis, while looking at my daughter naked.  I know honesty is a sin, but I am just being honest.
A school district has chosen to ignore a federal order on the issue.
"Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 is refusing to comply with a U.S. Department of Education order to allow a female transgender student access to a girls' locker room at school, a decision that could cost the district $6 million in federal funding."
I'm a different generation.  My generation thought nothing about being nude around one another since we were toddlers.  It was nothing to strip down and jump into the lake with our friends.  In middle school when we were told in gym to change into our jock-straps, and later take showers in a horseshoe shower with no privacy it meant nothing.  In the military marching 60 long in a horseshoe shower to clean after a long day of basic training meant nothing.  Trust me you were too tired to be looking at the other guy.  Our drill sergeant lined us up naked 60 long and marched us into the shower and said march.  By the time you finished walking the horseshoe you better be clean and rinsed because there was a guy right behind you - it meant nothing.
When I first arrived in Brownsville and saw men in their 20's taking showers at the gym in their underwear I found it just too bizarre.
This Puritan view we have adopted towards the human body is not healthy.
I will not lie, as a father I would have a real hard time having my daughter changing and showering next to a female with a penis.  But life it is what it is.
Maybe it is time we stop sexualizing each other and just learn to embrace one another without everything being sexual.
But to every father who would have a real hard time with this - I get it - no judgment.  But would it not be better if the boys and girls learned to just stop sexualizing each other and just respect one another?  This may be the first step in that direction.
I also believe it is time we go back to mandatory showers after gym.  We need to end this Puritan view of nudity.  If we make it dirty it comes dirty.
I know a young lady who will be 18 in January.  Most of her friends are boys and she will tell you she has no intentions of dating until after college because her male high school friends only talk about one thing when it comes to their girl friends - sex.  It has so turned her off she has no desire to date until she finishes college in hopes the boys will have become men.
This man is more man than most men. he is a soldier's soldier.  He gets the military.  While he does not like it, he accepts it as necessary to good discipline at this time.  Although by appearance he is 100% male, they still require he dress in his formal female dress when formal dress is required.  He has no complaints. He sees it as necessary to good discipline.
This is an amazing interview and young man. 

For the record guys I know my readership will drop on Thursday, but I do not care.  I much prefer these posts the sewage which is local politics.  Local politics will not change.  The ignorant love to be ignorant while supporting their corrupt friends.  Local politicians will never be as honest and honorable as the man in this video.  So today -it is okay to go look else where for mindless gossip.


Even for me this is all moving too fast.  It is like the change is coming at warped speed - but in the end it will be good and we will be a better and more loving and accepting society.  So while it is a lot even for me to absorb, the change is good.

The Christian Taliban has lost, and so too will the Republicans unless they change and embrace the society their children are embracing.

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