Saturday, October 31, 2015


A self absorbed commissioner is in part blaming the people for the flooding.  You see, we intentionally block the drainage entrances so the water cannot flow.

Well the above drainage entrance is in front of a house which flooded after the street flooded.  The water went into the house through the brick walls because the water levels reached so high.  The garage had water as the water rose up the driveway.  This had nothing to do with anyone blocking the entrance to the drainage system.  But our city commissioners unwilling to take responsibility for their incompetence, need to blame someone so they post stupid comments to their FB page blaming us.


Last time this house had water in its garage and Cowan Terrace near Boca Chica went under I was told the city did not have enough advanced notice to drain the Resacas enough to absorb the water.  I do not know if the Resacas accept the water all over town, but that was the reason this city commissioner gave for the flooding.

This time we had nearly a week advance notice of the storm.  Why were the Resacas not lowered enough to handle the water?  Incompetence.

Boca Chica is a state highway so yes, the placement of the drainage is their responsibility, but where the water flows to is the responsibility of the city.

There is plenty of drainage on Boca Chica and OPI and McDavitt.  Even the produce stand which always goes under near Security and Boca Chica has a drainage entrance.


The city has money for everything but proper drainage.  Our inept mayor and city commissioners are the only people in the city who do not know the problem is the city has failed to create a system for receiving the water.  During a heavy downfall the system fills up and the water cannot drain - hence the street flooding.

So to the city commission - stop making excuses - hire a competent engineer and create a better and larger system for accepting the water when it rains.  The problem is not a lack of drainage or people blocking the entrances.  The problem is a city leadership unwilling to take action to improve how the water is processed once it enters the drainage system.

My drainage system is not working because the flower pots which hold the water until it can flow through the pipes to the front street are too small.  The solution.  I am going to look for plastic flower pots twice the size.  They will hold a lot more water before they overflow because the water cannot move to the street fast enough.  I will also add another system which has the water near the AC drain directly into a shower drain which will connect to 2" PCV which I will then run to the street. 

If we had a city commission willing to address the problem there would rarely be flooding.  The rains are getting worse.


"One of the driest places on Earth has blossomed after some unusual rain earlier this year.

The Atacama Desert, primarily located in Chile along the Pacific Ocean, is flush with flowers after relatively heavy precipitation in March and August fell in the drought-stricken region.


The rainfall on one day in March — 0.96 inches — was the equivalent of approximately 14 years of precipitation"


The National Weather Service has already announced we are going to have a cold wet winter.  Climate change is real no matter what the Republicans tell you.  The legitimate debate is the cause of the climate change.

We have been told in no uncertain terms we are going to get a lot more rain and the best this inept city commissioner can come up with is some resident blocked one of the drainage systems.

No, it is time the city devote every penny available to enlarge the holding areas for flood water.  These drains need to be able to drain into systems which can hold a lot more water than the system can currently hold. Until the city invests in enlarging the areas designed to hold the water, the drainage systems will continue to back up and houses like the one I profiled will continue to flood. 

I am so concerned with what happened to my neighbor and the fact there was water on the west side wall of my home, I am buying another yard of top soil to regrade the area so that more water flows away from the house.

Here is an education video on how to do it.


I hope this post helps my readers better understand the problem and how they can better protect their properties.  When you buy a house you must commit to constant repairs and upgrades.  I spend money every month on the house.  It is just not the mortgage.


As to my main drainage system,  the two gutters coming off my roof in my back yard drain into large flower pots with a shower drain at the bottom.  The drain then connects into 2" PVC pipe which is buried about three inches underground and run all the way to the street.  It is a lot of work, but trust me my backyard flooding would be a lot worse.  It is an expensive project, but I just placed one 8 foot section a week until it was done.

In this picture you can barely see my gutter.  I have elephant ears blocking the down flow and flower pot so no one really sees the system.  It can be done in a way which is nice looking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby for your erudition on this most important issue.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the late approval of your post. I hosted a Halloween B-Day party for Bella. Then I gave out candy for an hour before taking Bella around down Cowan Terrace East then up the west side.

Next time her grandfather takes her - it was exhausting - but fun. Bella blew me away - she is in kinder and she was reading real estate signs - in fact any sign anywhere she was sounding out the words and reading. I was so taken aback. I had to keep and telling her to slow down. I could not keep up.

So after a pool party, cook out, trick or treating, we did her B-Day cake. Her grandfather just took her home.

It was a wonderful day but I am exhauster.

Oh everyone loved my Minion costume. I must say in my community about half of the adults with their kids or giving out were dressed up - we rock because we get the Holiday.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You need to watch item 3i of the nov 3 county meeting. Commissioner Alex Dominguez comments regarding felons are hilarious.