Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In an enforcement action Luis Saenz has been ordered to produce the indictment of Rodney Mesquias or face suit.  Mr. Saenz refused to answer the open records request and has more than a week later after being ordered to produce the indictment continues to refuse to respond.

This case caught my eye because I noticed  $5,000 donation from Rodney Mesquias to Luis Saenz.

"A Cameron County grand jury indicted Rodney Mesquias, 39, on Nov. 12 on two counts of Medicaid fraud over $200,000. He was arrested Wednesday and released on $25,000 bond.
The charges followed an investigation by the attorney general's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, which alleges that Mesquias, who is not a licensed physician, employed a physician assistant to treat patients at the Well Care Clinic."

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The criminal file on Rodney Mesquias is missing.  The nature of the charge and my complete research shows it is highly unlikely that the case would have been dismissed.  There either was or was not a supervising doctor.  The state prosecutes these cases and are not light on the defendants.
I have a greater investigation ongoing with complaints because of something which happened in the Hector Negrete case. That is the case Juanito and Sorola are claiming my nephew filed bogus criminal charges on.
The above is a Motion to Dismiss Hector Negrete's misdemeanor case some three months after he plead guilty and got time served.  Judge Betancourt saw through the scam and denied the motion.  The DA also cited my nephew's case which was dismissed on double jeopardy as a basis to dismiss this case on double jeopardy.
Had Judge Betancourt not seen through the scam then Hector Negrete would have been allowed to file for an expungement using the dismissal order signed three months after he plead guilty.  He did not get his way because Judge Betancourt saw through the scam.
This is not the only one.  I was told about this scam by an ADA being used by Saenz about a year ago .  I am a patient man.  Rodney Mesquias' file will be found and the truth will be learned.
DPS is aware of the scam.  They have the right to reopen any wrongfully expunged order. 
DA Saenz is clueless as to how open his ADA's are to speak with me, especially when they realize they are the ones who can go down if they do not tell the investigators the truth.  Saenz has a lot of ADA's.  They are talking.
The truth is out there and the BV will get to it.

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