Thursday, October 29, 2015


I told my nephew from day one this would go no where. DA's and ADA's are always protected. I would post the information now, but I am way too tired to look through my nephews filing system and get the documents which show Guz Garza and Louis Sorola point blank lied to the State Bar. They said Sorola was appointed on the same day Hector Negrete's attorney withdrew. The court filings and docket sheet clearly show the motion to withdraw was filed on the 5th, granted on the 7th and Sorola was appointed on the 9th. An out right lie.

The Summary Disposition Docket is when the Chief Disciplinary Counsel decides the case has no merit.  Out right lying to the State Bar according to Stephanie Strolle is ethical and acceptable conduct for lawyers.

This case was not about disciplining Sorola and Garza - like I said I told my nephew the case was going nowhere because Garza is protected.

What the case is about is the ongoing DOJ/FBI investigation into the State Bar running cover for the corruption in Cameron county and in particular the DA's office.  Remember Oscar de la Fuente who confessed to endless bribes of Villalobos got a slap on the hand.  Remember the Commission on Judicial Conduct giving Limas a private reprimand for the same conduct that got him sent to federal prison.

We know the source of the corruption.  When you see the documents on Monday and then think about it you will finally understand the State Bar of Texas is the largest criminal enterprise in Texas because it is run by the very lawyers corrupting the process. Villalobos was small fries to make it appear like the rules matter.

So there you have it - I am telling Sorola and Gus Garza the result before it happens,  If you understand the rules the Summary Disposition Panel means the Chief counsel has found lying is ethical and will stand before a committee of judges, lawyers, and lay people and ask that the conduct be found as ethical.

They give no date in the letter, although it was issued before my nephew was allowed to submit his final evidence on Friday which is the date deadline they gave him in writing via email after they got caught withholding the notice for 6 days.

Juanito will call it a victory while ignoring the verified lies - he needs to drink and Sorola will insure he gets the money to continue his path towards suicide through liver failure thereby leaving Juanito's children without a father. That is the kind of man Louis Sorola is, and the kind of man Mary Esther Garcia Sorola married to guide her daughter in ethics.

It is not a victory for our legal system and a complete lose for Juanito's children as Sorola continues to feed his addiction which will lead to liver failure and death.

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