Monday, October 26, 2015


From Juanito "He no onger dreses in his leather bike vest or sports a braid on his beard. In fact, he now has no beard, is clean shaven and spots a guayabera last time we saw him." The misspelling show his urgency in getting this out.  BlogSpot has a spellcheck button which takes less than a second to click on.

I was taken aback by this statement because I saw my nephew yesterday when I went to retrieve my table saw.  He had his beard.  Juanito is so stupid and dangerous to Justine Pointinger that he fails to understand that when my nephew appears in court Judge Salazar will see with her own eyes he has his beard and realize lies are being post to somehow make her and my nephew look bad.

His claim she will allow me to practice law in her court is entirely unfounded..  Unfortunately he relies on JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola and Louis Sorola for his knowledge of the law.

You do not have to be a lawyer to argue a case before a JP judge.  The law is clear.  There is a difference between explaining to the court what is happening, and signing pleading and charging a fee.

"(d) The rules adopted by the supreme court may not:
(1) require that a party in a case be represented by an attorney;" 
Click for JP Court Rule

This is the law the Texas Supreme Court was to follow when it wrote the new rules for JP Courts.  They cannot require that a party in a case be presented by a lawyer.

The Rules of Procedure actually clarify this.

"(c) Assisted Representation. The court may, for good cause, allow an individual representing himself or herself to be assisted in court by a family member or other individual who is not being compensated"

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 500.4

I am a family member and may assist my nephew.  The law is clear and Sorola is determined to protect his unethical conduct.  This is so far from over.


Juanito is driven to believe I am the force behind all of this.  I am not.  I advised against a lawsuit because of a lack of insurance.  My nephew was adamant the father claimed to him there was insurance.

I have not read the subpoena Juanito is talking about.  I verified through on line court records that the time was wrong.  Abel Gomez's office has yet to serve the subpoena..  JP Linda Salazar's office is issuing the subpoena with the correct time.  Had Juanito not printed his lies about my nephew we would have gone to court on the 10th to no avail,  Thanks for the heads up Juanito. 


What Juanito does not understand is, once the insurance company is disclosed the case will be abated to allow the adjuster to make a decision. The adjuster for the insurance company has every reason to rule against my nephew.  It is the nature of the beast.  But if they find for him and pay, that then tells us based on interviewing the young lady without her father trying to invoke his perverted view of the law, that she was liable all along.

Juanito knows this and continues to lie because he knows the insurance company is going to pay and the case will end.  If not then they will hire an attorney and try the case to a jury.  Judge Salazar will have nothing to do with the final ruling in this case.  It is that simple.

But Juanito's verifiable endless lies will impact the case.  You better run boy because a subpoena is coming your way for the 10th. You can explain your lie about the beard and every other lie you have posted on this case.  You can then lie that Sorola did not pay you, and then the contravening witness will verify otherwise, Mary Esther Garcia Sorola.  She will not lose everything for her sad excuse of a husband.  Her mother Commissioner Sofia Benavides was against this marriage and will advice her daughter accordingly.

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