Monday, October 19, 2015

This story is old.  I have been publishing it since I started blogging.  My first story was on a man show started manufacturing block using robotics, I believe in Pharr after seeing such a plant in Germany.  He had to hire workers outside the area because no one in the area had job training in robotics manufacturing.
No one hold their breath that TSC will ever provide this type of job training.  Until we have local workers who are trained in robotics, manufacturing jobs will not come to Brownsville.  Anyone who believes a politico who says they will bring jobs is an idiot.  There are no manufacturing jobs in the U.S. unless your workforce is trained in robotics.  TSC's excuses for not creating such a job training program are so many they could fill the library of Congress with books listing the excuses.  They cannot even find the time to start looking for grant money to help start the program - more excuses is what you get when you ask about applying for grants.
We are so screwed - communities all over the U.S. with competent caring elected officials are bringing in manufacturing jobs because of job training in robotics.  Not Brownsville politicos - just to ignorant to take the time to understand the issue. 

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