Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I want to be clear about something - I think Judge Leal is an innocent victim in this matter.  But the evidence still points to the facts someone called Chamber's bond attorney and told him to file a motion to withdraw which he did.  He did not notify his client.  The evidence will be presented by recording of the statements by Mendiola to Chambers as to why he filed the motion to withdraw.

At this point we do not even know if Mendiola will be able to name who in Judge Janet Leal's office made the call - assuming it even came from Leal's office. 

It is unfortunate Leal did not recuse herself while referring this matter to the FBI.  Someone abused her court and now there is an appearance problem and an appearance problem is all it takes to justify a judge being recused.  If she is recused she will have lost the power of she taking the lead in calling for an FBI investigation.

A game is being played in this criminal case and justice demands an investigation.

Judge Janet Leal is guilty of putting a bruised ego ahead of justice.  She should have stepped aside with a clear denial of being involved with a very public referral of the matter to the FBI.  That ship has sailed.  Even though I think she is a victim, her failure to do the right thing now taints her and that is sad.  It also taints the entire case.

It is justice first, bruised judicial egos never.

I should have an update on the hearing by 4.  The hearing is at 2.

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