Wednesday, October 14, 2015


"The lawsuit comes under a rarely used, obscure provision in the law that allows nearly any Dallas County resident to seek the removal of an elected official based on incompetence, official misconduct or drunkenness, on or off duty".

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I love the graphic because it so fits our community.

I want to make clear of two things, this post has nothing to do with DA Saenz - it just so happens the law is being used against a DA.  Second, winning such a lawsuit is nearly impossible.

The Travelgate mess among our city commissions gets more interesting by the day.  Documents from the city show that Jessica Tetreau and Debbie Portillo had the city make their reservations in early August.  In my mind this meant they were going for city business.  It also means that in August Jessica knew she was going to travel during her 8th month of pregnancy. Did she get her doctor's permission back in August before agreeing to go on a discretionary business trip as a city commissioner.

The information shows that the ticket for Cesar de Leon was purchased September 1.  For the record based on the information which has been published Cesar may be the only one who actually learned something for the city.  He met with officials at the State Department.  It is not a question of them helping us, but did he learn anything about trade and how to expand it?  My long term readers know this is an important issue to me. 

On John Villarreal the information provided by the city does not show a date when the ticket was purchased.  Unlike the others he flew American instead of United. It is fair to presume on the day of purchase American was cheaper than United.

So the question becomes if the plane reservations show they were going on city business, why refund the money?  What happened to make them fear the taxpayer having to pay for the trip?

There is more to this story, and I am seeking the records.

But if it can be shown that the trip was a con, any citizen in Brownsville with a strong willed lawyer can sue each of the commissioners for removal. 

The BV will continue to seek documents.

But for now based on the date of the travel documents this trip was arranged for purposes of city business. If it is necessary city business I have zero problem with the city paying for the trips.  But if it was not, then I have major problems - even though the money was refunded.

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