Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pat Ahumada DUI Arrest and Booking by groggycurling


We have all seen a ton of these type videos released by the BPD and other PD's.  My request was for the DWI video and arrest report on DA Saenz's nephew by marriage Victor Garcia.  It has already come out in court his blood level was .3 and there was an accident on the Causeway to SPI.  The DPS  officer said at least one passenger in the other vehicle was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  This information is important because it could change the charge to a felony.

Below is the DWI video of the Travis County DA

Remember at the last hearing the DPS officer was sent away by Ed Cyganiewicz before he could testify on the Motion to Adjudicate.  Judge Betancourt has reset it for the 30th of this month.  I will also be in court for the TSC immunity hearing on the 28th related to the Security Contract mess.  These are the only two times I expect to be in court again this month.

I have been saying for some time, Saenz has protection because of the Oscar de la Fuente mess.  So now DPS is running cover for Saenz's nephew.  The evidence will all come out on the 30th, but by then it will be too late for the press to investigate and inform the people.

We are screwed people when we have the DOJ, FBI and DPS all running cover for Saenz.

The above videos are clear proof these are routinely released - well unless you are DA Luis Saenz nephew by marriage.

AG Paxton has ordered release of the information I have requested in other cases, but has also said sometimes there may be information which is protected.  I told the DPS lawyer he can redact the information he believes is protected and send the rest, but has refused.  So there you go - you cannot even get the information when you agree to allow them to redact the protected information.

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