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I have a lot more access than people realize.  It is like I say, I am no where by chance and everywhere by intent.  Nothing is ever as it appears. One day Cameron county will find a lawyer who knows what I am saying.

Your Honor, lawyer after lawyer have told me there is absolutely no way you or your staff were involved in this mess concerning John Chambers.  It makes me feel hopeful when so many lawyers come to the defense of one judge in Cameron county.  The key to this case is the FBI forcing Juan Mendiola to tell the truth.


The record presented in open court shows you denied the charges.  It is unfortunate but this was a no, no.  It is hard to not be able to defend yourself when you know you are a victim.  I hope you take from this horrible experience what it must feel like to be an innocent criminal defendant and no one wants to listen. When you have a lawyer who tells you it is too dangerous to take the stand and deny the charges.  Well I listened, and the lawyers are united in their voice.  There is no way you or your staff were involved.  In my original post which you may or may not have read, I did not even mention the name of your staff member accused of making the call, because I consider the claims by Mendiola to be a lie and did not want to hurt your staff member.


Judge Longoria Recused from the Hannah Overton Case
Posted: Nov 24, 2014 1:27 PM CST Updated: Dec 02, 2014 6:48 PM CST
 CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - The judge assigned to hear a motion to recuse Judge Jose Longoria from the Hannah Overton trial decided Monday that Longoria's impartiality as a judge in the case may reasonably be questioned, and ordered that the motion for his recusal be granted.

It was back on Oct. 29 when Overton first filed a motion to recuse the judge. Her defense council stated that Judge Longoria could be viewed as a witness in the case and that his impartiality is questionable. The judge presiding over the Fifth Administrative Judicial Region assigned Judge Frederico G. Hinojosa to hear that motion.

Hinojosa determined that it is not necessary to hear Overton's motion because Judge Longoria filed an affidavit in response to the motion to recuse, something that is not allowed in the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure according to Judge Hinojosa.
The cases are not a four corner match.  You denied the claim on the record, while Judge Longoria did it in an affidavit.
I note this is a concurring opinion.
"But the need for a judge to testify concerning facts pertaining to a recusal motion does not justify the judge's offering testimony on the more general matter of the existence of any perceived impartiality. [my note - you did this Judge Leal - innocently I might add when you went on the record and denied the claims] Judges should not inject themselves too far into recusal hearings. Not that Judge Bennett did, I should add; but other judges might. While no judge likes to think of being perceived as partial, a hearing on a motion to recuse is simply not a trial of the judge's character and should not be treated as such. The less a judge is involved in recusal proceedings, voluntarily or involuntarily, the better. "
Justice is more important than the judge.  The system is everything.  We need to know the system is clean.  You can still be the hero in this case by recusing yourself and referring the case to the FBI and Texas Rangers to investigate Juan Mendiola.  His decision to cut and run to Dallas did not help him.
Justice is getting to the truth of the matter, and without a full request by you to the FBI to investigate Mendiola the truth may never be known.
Do the right thing by recusing yourself, rather than lose the respect of the Bar. You have really done nothing wrong.  But forcing this case any further taints you.  No one wants that.
Note to my Readers
For all practical purposes the VA Harlingen for outside care has collapsed.  My doctor wants me to go to Valley Baptist ER ASAP knowing full well I will be denied access to my specialists.  The problem is the VA, not its doctors.  It can now take a month to get an emergency referral now being done by yet another private company sitting on the doctor's request.

My breathing is shallow, and my chest feels like a ton of bricks.  As of this moment I refuse to go to VB to allow an inept ER doctor to assign my specialists.  The diaphragm spasms are real bad, but I am real hungry.  Tonight I will sleep in the recliner to relieve pressure on the lungs and diaphragm. If I end up in the ER I might be down until I am home or in a room.  I will not leave the house without my source pro.  I really want to make the TSC hearing in the morning.

We need a state law which makes it a crime for an ER doctor or hospital to assign a specialist other than the one requested by the patient conditioned on the specialist having privileges at the hospital and the specialist is willing to see the patient.  Until such a law is in place, VB will give preference to certain  doctors over others. 

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