Thursday, October 15, 2015


I am not going to trust a high school web page for information.  Some of these pages have not been updated in over a year.  So I called BISD HR to verify employment of David Gallegos Covarrubias.  My jaw hit the ground when they told me he is an active English teacher at Lopez high school.

If this were a case of a child accusing a teacher, and the teacher denying the charges I would understand BISD proceeding with caution.

But from the BPD blog:

"Covarrubias gave a statement implicating himself to meeting the juvenile on the internet on Friday September 25th 2015. Further investigations revealed Covarrubias had sexual contact with the juvenile victim. Covarrubias was placed under arrest and charged with Sexual Assault. Bond was set at $30,000."

So what we have here is not a he said she said, but a written statement. 

It does not end with BISD's lack of action [I guess it is possible that since October 1, 2015, BISD has not updated its personnel files. - BISD needs to make an immediately clarification]

In a he said she said I can see a $30,000 bond, but with a written statement why did the Magistrate set bail at only $30,000.  When you google the issue, under these facts a bail at $250,000, would have been reasonable.

In counties all over Texas and the country DA's and defense attorneys meet to create proposed bail schedules so justice is carried out.  No such thing exists in Cameron county.

Because we are dealing with a felony, I understand no indictment has yet issued.  But Saenz if he truly were interested in protecting our children would have run to court and demanded a $250,000 bond, and if in fact BISD's personnel office is correct and this man is still on the job, all the more reason for Saenz to run to court to demand an increase on his bond given BISD's possible reckless conduct.


This is not the first time Cameron county has dropped the ball on a possible sexual predator.  In the case of the late museum director Barry Horn, I have now collected enough evidence to prove his murder's claim Barry Horn was a sexual predator on the internet.  In fact I have names of men who were present during sexual acts.  A review of Ernesto Martinez case shows his attorneys did nothing to develop Martinez's claims Barry Horn was a sexual predator of young men.

I have spent over 200 hours working on this investigation.  Yes it was wrong for Martinez to murder Horn, but when you stab someone that many times even an idiot knows it is out of anger and not a simple murder.  His attorneys did nothing to develop the evidence Horn was a sexual predator. 

Had Martinez defense attorneys done their job Horn's family would have opposed a trial and Martinez could have plead to maybe 10 years instead of the 30 years he will serve.  I am hopeful based on my investigation a pro bono group will file a habeas for Martinez and receive time served in a final plea bargain.  This is how you send a message of zero tolerance for sexual predators. 

But I will bet the farm if the habeas is filed on Saenz's watch he will defend  Barry Horn's actions.  It did not take much effort on my part to find people in the gay chat room who remember Barry Horn seeking out sex with young men. 


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Bob its bullshit,what the hell are these judges thinking, everytime one of these idiot teachers gets into trouble like this they get a slap on the wrist.Voters should keep a closer watch on these cases and look closely into what the judges are handing down.

BobbyWC said...

Inasmuch as the BISD general directory, HS directory general BISD page and High school page all show you are wrong your comment is rejected

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So gross! Is he still hired at the BISD?

BobbyWC said...

Well it is possible that BISD had not yet updated their personnel file. But go back and read the BPD statement. He made a statement that he met the kid on line - not good - but no statement he admitted to any wrong doing.

Evidence implicates can actually mean a he said she said - but maybe not.

The police statement is actually soft.

Plus the $30,000 bond if set by an honest judge tells me the evidence may have been soft.

Also I know enough from the priest molestation cases that the nicest priest was molesting the most - so nice does not mean much. But a lot of his current and past students seem to be supporting him.

The low bond if set by an honest judge suggests maybe the case still requires more development.

Maybe he knew the kid from school and the kid contacted him and told him he was stuck in Matamoros so he went for him.

Trust me I am not defending him. I think sexual predators of minors should get life. We are way too soft on these people.

But the more I read the statement by the police the more confused I am.

I need more of the story to know the truth. But at a minimum BISD should have suspended him with pay pending further investigation.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If the sexual acts happened in Mexico, how can he be charged in the U.S. There is no jurisdiction, correct?

BobbyWC said...

Great question. First there no clear evidence there was sexual contact - its says implicated - this could mean a lot of things. I am not defending him - I am just dealing in known facts.

Just because they were coming from Mexico does not mean nothing ever happened in Brownsville. The still remain a lot of unanswered questions.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is, as I recall, a federal offense to travel to another country for the purpose of sexual contact with a minor. A statute directed at sex tourism.