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From the alcohol soaked brain of Juanito:

"Miffed, Montes (or was it Unk?) filed an appeal to the dismissal, something no one had heard of. (Now, how would a lowly biker in good ol' Browntown know about this legal stratagem? "

Well Juanito, the State Bar has heard of it and includes the form in the letter they send to the person filing the claim. What you are really saying Juanito is that Sorola knows nothing about the State Bar rules. They even send you a form to sign requesting the appeal. I realize Juanito you think I am a brilliant legal mind but even an idiot like you can read a letter from the State Bar which says you can file an appeal. and see where on the form you sign.

See enlarged or excerpt
I told my nephew weeks ago to let this go.  I told him the State Bar is going to cover  for Sorola because they always run cover for ADA's and you cannot get to Sorola without getting to Gus Garza. 
As to Justine Pointinger - I counselled against this lawsuit.  Juanito knows full well the reason no one sues just him for defamation is because they will spend money to never collect a penny.  I explained to my nephew he will never collect from this young woman unless an insurance company can be forced in and then they will pay. If his intent was to just collect money he would have filed for default after she defaulted, but did not because it would have been a waste of time and money.
As to the Valley Baptist case - the defendant was 17 and just received her license.  She admitted to running the red light while texting and was driving after Texas curfew for a new driver under 18.  The insurance company paid for the totaled bike - the cost of repair was greater than its value. 
The insurance company paid an amount just about what Valley Baptist billed.  He was taken from the accident scene by ambulance and I will be the first to admit Valley Baptist over treated.  I believe there were like 3 or 4 different MRI's including a full body MRI.  They paid for his bike, paid the medical bills and that was it.  Anyone else under these facts would have hired counsel, and settled for about $75,000.  He did not.  He settle for the value of his bike and medical bills.  Hardly a money maker.  And when the moment comes, and it will the documents will prove every word I have typed.
Yes, that is the mug shot of the defendant that Juanito and Sorola claims my nephew is wrongfully suing.  Attacking the motorcycle crowd in this town is how you lose votes.  The last time I checked they are tight very tight.  They organized and turned out big time for Eric Garza and the last time I checked he is the district clerk - meaning he won.  JP Mary Ester Garcia Sorola just makes more and more enemies every day because of Louis Sorola.
Not that facts matter but Pope Francis until he became Pope road a motorcycle.  I guess that makes him too stupid to be Pope.
And for the record, my nephew has a BBA, and ran a successful nursing service with his ex wife who just retired from University hospital as one of their chief nurses.  My nephew is actually very well educated and has run successful businesses and pushed all three of his children into education.  His daughter is a very successful PhD psychologist, another son is a Navy Seal who has repeatedly put his life on the line - college graduate in history, and his other son just retired as an E-8 medic, also college educated, who did multiple tours in Iraq and in fact ran battalion level medical clinics.  So education is not something lacking in my nephew's family.

At the time of the accident wherein she hit my nephew, and there are witnesses, she was out on bail for destroying a third party's personal property.  She begged for my nephew to not call the police because she was afraid she would be arrested for driving without a license.  Depending on the officer she would have been arrested.  How funny how Juanito leaves this key fact out of the story.

Charges: POINTINGER, JUSTINEStatute Level Date
1.  CRIMINAL MISCHIEF >=$50<$500- 14B3794/NEECE28.03(b)(2)Class B Misdemeanor09/01/2014

Now this is the first my nephew is learning of her filing with the court.  Her rendition of the facts will be contradicted by two eye witnesses.  She was in fact headed southbound and not coming from her home over near the airport off of Morningside and Apollo. She will have to call the two eyewitnesses liars.  We shall see if her parents will commit perjury and say she had left their home.
Although my nephew claims she did not appear pregnant she claimed that if she was arrested her baby would be harmed because she always gets in fights.
Now according to Juanito the innocent Justine who was out on bail for destroying the property of a third party, had every reason to call the police but did not.  Now here is the kicker - her mother must be some really dumb incompetent mother.  According to Juanito the mother is going to claim my nephew admitted to being drunk.  Now think about this - you are a mother.  Your daughter calls you and says she was just in an accident.  You as a mother run to the scene, determine the other driver was drunk.  You have a 7 month pregnant daughter whose car had just been hit by a drunk and you do not call the police?  No jury is going to believe a word the mother says.  Of course any real mother would have called the police immediately. 
What makes more sense is my nephew felt sorry for the woman and did not call the police out of fear she would be arrested for driving without a license, and being out on bail, or a mother with a 7 month pregnant daughter chose to let a drunk drive off?  The jury will get it.
Also left out which phone bills will prove, is the mother and my nephew spoke several times wherein he was told she was waiting on her husband to give her the insurance information so the motorcycle could be fixed.  The phone bills will prove the calls. 
As to Linda Salazar, I have never filed a case in her court - ever.  In fact Wells Fargo wrongfully filed multiple evictions against me in her court wherein she summarily ignored the law.  At the time renters were to be given either 60 or 90 days notice to get out after foreclosure. As the constable himself noted on the citation return when he tried to serve me the home was vacant.  I had long moved out and notified Wells Fargo I had moved out long before my allotted time for vacating the premises.  Wells Fargo as part of a settlement with me fired the lawyer who brought the illegal action and paid a small sum
I was given like one weeks notice to vacate, not the 90 required by law, but Linda Salazar granted the eviction even though it did not comply with the law and I had long moved out.  The final eviction order does not include my name.  the house was empty at the time of the filing.
This is what Juanito calls my love affair with Linda. 
In another case I had a friend ask her to recuse herself because of a conflict of interest concerning Rick Zayas.  Again - I never had anything in her court. 
I know of another wherein the landlord dismissed an illegal eviction against someone, but I was not a party.
I know based on my complaint the Commission on Judicial Conduct had Judge Salazar sign a settlement without sanction that she would stop telling people to hire notaries to prepare their petitions.  Hardly something that makes you friends with someone.
But then I guess given Juanito's history of tumultuous relationships this would sound friendly.
Linda Salazar's staff has always been friendly to me when I investigate matters, but so too has Jonathan Gracia's.  It is call professionalism - not friendship.
Now why Linda Salazar's court - because Mary Ester Garcia Sorola given my history with her hubby would have had to recuse herself and her court is in the Dancy building.  Her low number of filings is nothing personal against her it is just DPS and lawyers just do not want to go to the Dancy building to file things.
I have documents which would have forced my nephew to file a motion to recuse Gracia.  I guess Mary Ester missed that day in JP school when they were taught anyone can represent anyone in JP court.  I will certainly be trying the case under state law.  I tried a landlord tenant case under Benny Ochoa and won.  The competent judges know the rule. Jonathan  Gracia hates me with a passion. The only judge available without forcing a recusal was Judge Salazar.  The matter will be tied to a jury, not Judge Salazar. 

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