Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I am tired because of another respiratory arrest problem last night.  I am off to bed.  But here is the deal, Judge Wittig ordered all counsel into court in the sternest of means.  He then turned a blind eye that the most important material witness, Juan Mendiola ran to Dallas to avoid testifying.  Mendiola is a counsel of record for Chambers and Judge Wittig took a flipped attitude to Mendiola ignoring his order to appear and fleeing to Dallas. 
The recording clearly has Mendiola telling John Chambers the court told him to withdraw.  Chambers new San Antonio attorneys presented uncontroverted evidence that Mendiola denied what was on the tape.  Mendiola is clearly a liar.  Judge Wittig was fine with this.  A quick research on my part makes clear that when a material witness fails to appear or an attorney of the defendant fails to appear mandamus is the proper remedy, if a continuance is denied.  Judge Wittig just tainted this case beyond repair.  Judge Leal hung herself by not recusing herself and referring the matter to the FBI for investigation.
I want to be clear.  I do not believe Judge Leal or anyone from her office ever call Mendiola.  I will not even mention the name of the staff member of Judge Leal which was named because it will taint her reputation for no good reason.  She too is a victim of Mendiola's lies.  The fact he ran to Dallas after Judge Wittig ordered all counsel into court tells the entire story.
Even Peter Gilman counsel for the State could not help but saying Juan Mendiola is the problem here.  This is why it is clear to me Judge Wittig intentionally corrupted the case when he denied John Chamber's Motion for Continuance to secure the testimony of Juan Mendiola.  Peter Gilman himself conceded Mendiola was the most important material witness to the case of the recusal.
But Judge Wittig denied the Motion for Continuance to give time to John Chambers to have the constable if need be drag Mendiola into court.  He was under a court order by Judge Wittig, which Judge Wittig himself summarily dismissed as meaningless.  And think about this, why not continue it until Friday when briefs are due?  The case is still open.  There is your proof Wittig had no interest in justice.
Someone, and it was not Judge Leal or her staff got to Mendiola.  It is time Chambers calls in the FBI to look at Mendiola, DA Saenz and his staff and Judge Wittig.
Think about it,  the DA agrees Juan Mendiola is the problem - he is one of the counsel for John Chambers ordered into court and Judge Wittig turns a blind eye to the fact Mendiola thumbed his nose to his order to appear for the hearing.
Boy but the second John Chamber's counsel made known his dissatisfaction that Peter Gilman was accusing him of filing a frivolous motion to recuse, Judge [I'm hopelessly corrupt Wittig] made clear he would not tolerate Chamber's counsel speaking up for himself to the point of saying "Are you trying to make me mad?"  That is what Wittig should have said about Mendiola ignoring his court order.
The bottom line is,  so long as Don Wittig continues to act as a visiting judge Justice will not be an option in Cameron county.


BobbyWC said...

If there was a complaint moron I would know about it because they have to notify me by law. Further were you there, because I was and I reported the proceedings exactly as they happened.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

kangaroo court. I had a lot more respect for wittig before reading your post.

Anonymous said...

Sorry |Bobby, but this Judge Janet Leal was involved in the 2005 Cardinal Health case, She was awarding judgement for over one million dollars in a medical malpractice, where the cap was only supposed to be $250.000. she was one of the judges that Juan Angel Guerra was indicting in the Dick Chaney case. She was also the Judge who presided over the indictment of a Dr. |Farley B. Neasman, for criminal negligence homicide, 10-CR-150-B on Jan. 20,2010, she ordered the capias and $20,000 surety bond then she turned it over to Judge Arturo Nelson. Remember, he was a judge mentioned by convicted Able Limas as being just like him. Remember UNDERSTOOD .

BobbyWC said...

You sound like the people sitting in front of me at the Chambers hearing. Endless gibberish claiming to know the law but in fact knowing nothing and sounding like complete idiots. They were also a group of White Supremacists. They really did not like John Chambers and had to be hushed by the bailiff to get them to shut their pie holes.

Here are some facts lost on you.

Leal ruled for Cardinal Health. Further a global settlement against a company can go a lot higher than a $250,000 when dealing with multiple plaintiffs and issues.

"Wynne points out in the court record that Leal entered an order granting summary judgment for the Cardinal Health-related entities and binding the plaintiffs to the settlement. Rosenthal then filed a motion for a new trial and Leal denied it Dec. 28, 2006. She left the county court on Dec. 31, 2006, and on Jan. 1, 2007, began her term as a state district judge.

According to Wynne, the Alcala case should have fallen to Leal’s successor, Judge Arturo McDonald Jr., but that it had not. According to the federal court record, then-County Court-at-Law No. 3 Judge Daniel T. Robles, who later became Solis’ law partner, was the local presiding judge for the county courts. Wynne noted that Robles transferred the case to his own court and vacated Leal’s orders without explanation"


The grand jury judge ends their assignment after indictment and the case is randomly assigned - you need to learn the process before spewing a conspiracy theory.

The Dick Chaney case was dismissed as nonsense - memory problem eh?

Abel Limas was a pathological liar on the stand - the jury saw he was saving his own butt. Hardly the peron I would for credible information - a convicted judge.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I do not publish comments which brings in a string of names wherein I cannot verify what is being said.

But you do not know the system. The judge who oversees the grand jury will not be the judge assigned the final case upon true bill. If indicted the grand jury foreman signs the true bill, not the judge. The case then is processed by the DA's office. Any and all information entered on the case is done by the grand jury. Juanito has attacked me for going to Saenz to inform him information on the indictment prepared by the DA's office contained mistakes which could result in dismissal of the charges.

As I learned in the Victor Garcia, the county clerks office made clear only Ed Cyganiewicz could have entered the latest DWI as a B instead of an A.

This is fact about how the system works and not come conspiracy theory based on not understanding the factual basis as to how the system works.

The medical malpractice statute has been amended many time. Long before 2003 the expert affidavits were required to proceed.

Bobby WC