Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The most interesting thing in all of this no one wants to speak of is Juanito is either going to die from liver failure or while driving drunk.  Oscar X. Garcia, Art McDonald, Alex Begum,  Abel Gomez, Louis Sorola and others all give him the money he needs to feed his drinking problem thereby expediting his death through liver failure.  Each of the gentlemen have so little regard for Juanito's children for their own personal gain they do not care if through their reckless actions they kill Juanito and leave his children without a father.  This is all anyone needs to know about  Oscar X. Garcia, Art McDonald, Alex Begum,  Abel Gomez, Louis Sorola, and others.
Unfortunately for Juanito for knowledge of the law he is dependent on Justice of the Peace Mary Esther Garcia Sorola and Louis Sorola.  His latest nonsense which has zero basis in reality or the law is that you must be a licensed lawyer to argue a person's case in JP court.  This is not the law. 
"(d) The rules adopted by the supreme court may not:
(1) require that a party in a case be represented by an attorney;" 
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This is the law the Texas Supreme Court was to follow when it wrote the new rules for JP Courts.  They cannot require that a party in a case be presented by a lawyer.

The Rules of Procedure actually clarify this.

"(c) Assisted Representation. The court may, for good cause, allow an individual representing himself or herself to be assisted in court by a family member or other individual who is not being compensated"

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 500.4

JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola may want to go back to class to learn the rules.


Brownsville has three JP's to choose from.  Mary Esther Garcia Sorola.  With Emilio Montes having JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola's husband before the State Bar she would have had to recuse herself immediately had Emilio Montes filed the claim in her court.  Juanito then would have written a story that he filed in Mary Esther's court to humiliate her.

Then there is Jonathan Gracia, I must admit I have forgotten more then I currently remember.  While it is true I can prove Gracia hates me, the real problem was, he at the time of the filing was the criminal defense lawyer for Justine Pointinger.  According to Juanito and Sorola Jonathan Gracia can proceed over a case against his own client.  Such brilliant legal minds Juanito and Sorola have.  They cannot get over the corruption mode because that is all they know.

DefendantPOINTINGER, JUSTINEFemale White
102 lbs

So with Mary Esther Garcia Sorola being disqualified because of the proceedings against her husband brought by Emilio Montes, and Jonathan Gracia being disqualified because you cannot be a judge over a case against your own client, that left only Linda Salazar.

Juantio cannot speak the truth because then he would have no money.  He lives to defame people for pay. More this week on Sorola's lies before the Commission on Judicial Conduct as proved by a court house video.  It clearly shows Sorola directing Juanito in front of former JP Erin Garcia's court which contradicts Juanito's story on the event and Sorolo's claims to the Commission on Judicial Conduct and his lie to the State Bar that he was appointed in open court to represent Hector Negrete after the court granted the motion of his court appointed attorney to withdraw.  The court documents which were sent to the State Bar show the former attorney filed her motion on August 5th, the court granted it on the 7th, and Sorola was not appointed until the 9th. So his written claim it all happened in one day is a lie.

08/05/2013  Motion
Motion to Withdraw as Counsel
08/07/2013  Motion
Motion for Continuance
08/07/2013  Order (Judicial Officer: Nelson, Arturo Cisneros )
Order -Granting Leticia Barguiarena's Motion to Withdraw as Attorney for defendant
08/09/2013  Announcement  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Nelson, Arturo Cisneros)
Result: Reset
08/09/2013  Journal Entry (Judicial Officer: Nelson, Arturo Cisneros )
State appeared, Mr. Louis Sorola appointed out of turn and requested a continuance, state not opposed. Case reset to 8/16/13 at 9 a.m

My nephew in the defamation lawsuit which is coming will be able to prove with the video Sorola lied about the Erin Garcia issue and his relationship with Juanito, he lied before the Commission on Judicial Conduct and he lied before the State Bar.,  No jury will believe a word he has to say.

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Pobre Juan, he should try writing obits for the Matamoros paper. I understand you get paid on a per piece basis.