Monday, October 12, 2015


Jessica Tetreau They have always refused to investigate topics like the Casa Nylon, etc... Weird.

LikeReply49 mins"

Jessica did you lie about your husband in the same way you lie about the Casa de Nylon issue.

The blogs gave thousands of words to the Casa de Nylon issue.  The BV broke the story with documents.  The BV took the story all the way to the role played by federal judge Hanen's wife Diane Dillard.

Every blog gave extensive coverage of the Casa de Nylon case.  It was DA Saenz who refused to prosecute Tony Martinez for his vote on the purchase.  How about going after Saenz for refusing to prosecute Tony Martinez?

So why does Jessica lie - because she has a bunch of brain  dead followers who refuse to believe lying is what she knows best.

Upon investigation of the above call the police charged Jessica and not the husband.  Based on a complaint against the officer assigned to the case the chargers were dropped against Jessica Tetreau.  So did she lie about her husband in the same way she is lying about Casa de Nylon?  With Jessica you never know.

The one thing I will give her is only a complete idiot trusts the Herald on anything - but then idiots trust Jessica to tell the truth so there you go.

Her followers are complete idiots.  She lies because she knows she can. 

The Casa de Nylon sale got reviewed by all of the blogs after the BV broke the story.  There was extensive coverage with documents.  So she lies.

She says she wants the stress off of baby Austin, but is too stupid to stay off social media until after baby Austin is born.  And it certainly does not help that she opens the door to more criticisms with outright lies about Casa de Nylon.

Your days of using baby Austin as a weapon to silence the truth are over.  All you had to do was stop lying and stay off of social media, but as the consummate victim you could not stop yourself.  It is you putting needless stress on baby Austin Jessica and no one else.  And that is sad because I will be the first to admit all of this is bad for the baby and you.  That I will not dispute. 


Anonymous said...

Man Bobby some of these Commissioner folks love going on social media to boast about their high end material stuff. Some go on the attack when they can't take peoples opinions and criticism. They are leading the #1 poor city and all we hear from them is how lucky it is to get this or that. It just goes to show that Commissioners are too busy on social media to care about real issues affecting the citizens and our seniors. Its a joke to watch the commissioner meetings having no real discussion or dialogue only boasting about their MBA's and bogus experience.

When are the elections for new commissioners?

BobbyWC said...

May 2017 - Jessica will resign before then - within 6 months I expect a big shake-up -

Here is the basic problem the commissioners including Tony they are not polished. While my family has never personally had real money - well growing up, my parent's families were multiple generations of being well off. They were polished and knew not to flaunt wealth.

It is boorish to flaunt your success when you are a public figure. It is one thing to be seen living your life it is yet another to talk about it in open. It is considered boorish and a sign of being unpolished.

Jessica is backwater girl given money with no understanding how to use it or carry herself.

We have a thinned skinned city commission blocking everyone from their FB pages who do not worship them.

Their actions teach us they fail to understand they represent us. They have no interest in our voice unless it is to praise them. If you challenge Jessica's lies she will remove your comment and then block you.

She would have done well in Nazi Germany - she is a perfect fit. She has no use for the opinion of the people and only seek to surround herself with desperate people who will worship her out of ignorance.

I have given up on the city and county. TSC is no where near doing what needs to get done to train a workforce in manufacturing.

The Port should be making a profit and giving back to the community, but through extreme mismanagement continue to tax the community as a failed business.

BISD is a mess and awash in debt and litigation.

It is time for everyone to move on and accept the plight of Brownsville - hopelessly inept people running the government who are boorish and unpolished.

Think about Congressman Vela - congressman all over the US had lotteries for the White House lawn tickets afforded each congressman - everyone hand an equal chance - but Brownsville being Brownsville what did Vela do - he handed out his allotment of tickets to the privileged who used the opportunity for political advantage instead of being humbled by the message of Pope Francis - since seeing the Pope from a very far distance - Jessica has used her platform to spread lies, disinformation and hate. I can think of a lot of people who would have come away with a message of love and compassion.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are the one putting stress on baby Austin Bobby, you! You mentioned Baby Austin four times in your post, four times! What kind of monster are you? Picking on a poor pregnant lady shows the worl your charecter. If your life is pathetic, it is not anybody's fault but your own. Leave Jessica and Baby Austin off your posts or suffer the consequences!

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is Jessica should be allowed to lie and deceive all she wants and then use baby Austin as a weapon to silence people.
How about this for an idea -0 she stop lying an deceiving, stay in bed, and stop reading and posting to social media and there will be no stress -0 but no she must play the victim so she by her choice will keep the stress going.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

You are heartless in the way you go after Jessica after she was a friend to you. The way you have made baby Austin a tool to hurt her is mind boggling. What is your problem?!

BobbyWC said...

I defy you to find one place where I made an issue of her trip, until Barton posted documents. I stayed out of it. I said nothing, It was Jessica after getting caught endlessly with her lies and deception who kept on throwing in Baby Austin - not me - it was done to make her the victim and to try and silence people.

It was Jessica who knew she was going to Washington as part of the city but then posted the only reason she had to see the doctor for clearance was to see the Pope - what she did not have to see her doctor to travel to do city business? Although it appears she paid back the city every penny, she still had the city use the benefit of making the reservation as if on city business but then published a bogus story "oh my doctor gave me clearance to see the Pope." She had no right to use city resources or staff to make reservations for her.

Had Congressman Vela not given her one of the 40,000 White House lawn permits [another deception by Jessica] she still would have needed clearance to travel on city business. No real mother I know would make a discretionary airplane trip during her 8th month of pregnancy - the Pope I get, but not discretionary business. She could have gone after the birth.

Again it is Jessica constantly mentioning Baby Austin.

I have not disputed this is bad for the baby - I made clear I was staying out of it because I agreed. But Jessica cannot stop - she is addicted to being the victim even if it means stress on Austin.

Any smart mother would get off of social media, stop reading it - sit back and relax and get ready for the wonderful moment of birth - but not Jessica she just keeps on lying.

Well you know what she has shown her true colors - to be allowed to lie and deceive she will use her unborn child as a weapon -= this is an important character trait and the people have a right to know

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are relentless in your attacks against Jessica. What is your obsession with her? She won her seat for city commission in a historic victory over Charlie Atkinson as a write had never been done before. The people in her district gave her a huge vote of approval voting for her a second term, a victory you supported I might add. You brought Sergio Zarate's special needs child into the limelight to help Jessica and now you bring in her unborn child baby Austin to try and destroy her. try all you want, she was nothing but a friend to you and your jealousy of her success is childish and immature. I pray for you.

BobbyWC said...

First of all and I have made this clear to all elected officials over and over again - I am not their friend - I was never Jessica's friend -

Second since you have made it clear Jessica getting caught in lies is okay with you, lets deal in facts. It was Jessica who brought me everything - well initially - on Down By the Border. It was Jessica who wanted to bring their daughter into it - I did not.

It was Jessica demanding I pursue it to the end which could have resulted in jail time or major sanctions -= I refused - it had reached the point my issue was out there - there were bookkeeping issues with Down by the Border. This came up when his wife ran against Judge Gonzales but his operatives could not bring me the evidence. It was Jessica who found the tax return which started the ball rolling.

It was Jessica who brought me the issue about the missing comptroller money from bingo. She claimed while block walking a women who use to work for the Zarates told her - this is when I investigated it and it was true they never paid over the comptroller money they collected just as the worker had claimed.

I stopped there because my research showed had I gone any further the victims would have been the Zarate children had major fines or jail time been imposed. But Jessica was adamant I file the criminal complaint with the Comptrollers office and I refused - my point was made - there was no reason to bring hell down on their children.

Not that you are smart enough to understand this question, but would my post be here had she not lied about the Casa de Nylon issue? Nope - but you are AOK with her lies.

Why not do what I have been saying and tell her to stop reading the social media - stop posting - and just sit back and wait for that magical moment when the baby is born? She cannot and will not do the right thing for the baby.

And for the record, now when depositions happen and they will, she will be asked has she ever lied on her FB page - if she says no she gets charged with perjury, if she says yes, nothing she says from there out will be considered credible. She hung herself.

On the Zarate children I responded to lies that I was talking about the daughter and when I responded it was always praise for their daughter and her beauty.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I'm not sure what is happening, but either people who hate her or like her are posting a lot of comments to keep the discussion about her son going. The BV will not play. My point has been made and any fool can see that.

Now as to another comment I agree with 100% I cannot post it because you mention names of third parties. They are not part of what is happening. This is bigger - see today's post

Bobby WC