Friday, October 16, 2015


I was going to take the day for myself to work on the yard, but after more bullshit from the queen of imaginary victimization, I just had to have fun.

Let me begin with this morning.  The other day I noticed by average water usage went from 5-6 thousand gallons to 12,000.  I was shocked when I saw my BPUB bill.  I did not have to hire an imaginary high profile lawyers [think about it guys there are thousands of lawyers around the U.S. and several thousand employees at Humana handling complaints and claims - do you really think they even know the name of any lawyers in Brownsville with the thousands of lawyers they deal with every day?]

This morning they sent a man to check the meter and their line.  He found no evidence of a water leak in my home or the BPUB line.  He found that based on current usage and the last reading I will use around 5,000 gallons this billing cycle, or less.  He agreed the last two months of high water usage make no sense, especially with all of the rain - meaning no watering of the grass.

He will make his report and on Monday I am to call for an adjustment.  To a person at BPUB A+ in how they treated me and explained how things work.  All done - no big conspiracy theory - just estimates gone wrong by an inexperienced person not realizing only two people live in my home.  But it reasonable for someone doing an estimate thinking given the size of my home (2,000 sq ft) there might be 4-6 people living in my home.

Valley Baptist is notorious for billing out patient procedures to the VA as in patient.  The veteran gets a letter telling them the claim has been rejected.  You call the VA and they tell you the reason.  Then you call Valley Baptist and they rebill it as out patient and the bill gets paid.  No conspiracy - just bad personnel.

Just yesterday my roommate received a call from his insurance company demanding a very high payment.  I told him to go by Fred Loya and show them the letter which says his next payment is due November 4, 2015.  About two weeks ago I helped him and his son negotiate lower rates and the new policy takes effect in November with the first payment due November 4th.

The clerk apologized for the confusion and my roommate was on his way.


I am at my limits with all of these racist hatemongers blaming Obamacare every time insurance companies make a mistake.  I can assure you long before anyone even heard of Obama insurance companies were refusing to pay claims and cancelling policies.  These are large companies - some times the insurance companies are right and sometimes a clerk makes an innocent mistake.

It was the decision by this victim to blame Obamacare that got me to write this post - not everything wrong in your life is Obama's fault.


Every month I process medical bills for him.  He has 100% coverage.  The problem is under Tricare/Medicare sometimes the nursing home is responsible for the bill and they try and bill the insurance companies.  I get the bills, I make the calls, and I pay nothing.  The problem is fixed.

No miracle of god - no high profile imaginary lawyer - just commonsense - people make mistakes - you call - determine the source of the mistake and get it fixed.

Not everything is an intentional act to make your life difficult.  Not everyone is god - we all make mistakes - I had sex with a woman once - so there even I make mistakes.  Deal with it and stop playing the endless role of victim.

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