Monday, October 5, 2015

Any lie anyone puts out gets printed as truth.  This is why it is so hard to move forward as a country or even a community.
Now that the full story is out, the facts show that Reuter's story of Pope Francis endorsing the actions of Kim Davis while on the flight back to Rome was false.  [click for BV story] breaking the truth the story was false] So too was the story of Kim Davis' private meeting with Pope Francis.  What is not false is that the fact Pope Francis invited an old student from his teaching days for a private meeting with the Pope.  Joining the student was his gay partner and several family members.  Although it was a brief encounter it was nonetheless a private meeting.
The Vatican clarified the facts by making clear the Pope only invited one person and one person only for a private meeting, and it was not Kim Davis - it was his former student.
"On Friday, the Vatican surprisingly announced that the "only real audience" Pope Francis had in Washington was with his former student [Grassi] and "his family."
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said Davis was only one of "several dozen" people who had been invited by the Vatican ambassador to see the Pope while he was in Washington.

"The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects," Lombardi said in a statement."

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What makes me mad is, when this story began to break with all of Kim Davis' lies, reporters from well known organizations jumped on it as real when it was one big lie.  What they never asked themselves was, who is Pope Francis?  Had they done this they would have realized the con.

Pope Francis minsters to everyone regardless of faith or station in life.  When he cleaned the feet of AIDS patients was he endorsing the behavior of the victims which lead to them contracting HIV?  No he was doing what he does, ministers to everyone.

What we now know is the Vatican Representative in the US invited Kim Davis to meet with the Pope.  Pope Francis had nothing to do with it.  She was brought into a room with a group of people invited to the embassy and ministered to them because that is what he does.  This is why he is so loved by those who care so much for the true message of Joshua aka Jesus.

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I stayed pretty much out of Pope Francis's visit other than reporting the positive, because I found it unseemly how people in the news and social media were willing to turn the entire thing into headlines for themselves instead of carrying his message.  But now he is back in Rome doing important business for his Church.

Politicians local and national made use of the visit for personal gain and it sickens me.  There were 40,000 invitations provided to Congress to give out.  People claiming personal invitations are liars.  And claiming such a personal invitation when dealing with Pope Francis makes them evil at their core.

Members of Congress who wanted to be fair about the 40,000 tickets informed their constituency of the tickets and held lotteries for the tickets, BUT CONGRESSMAN VELA USED HIS TICKETS FOR THE PRIVILEGED.  Being deemed privileged by a Congressman who makes it his mantra to lie to veterans is hardly someone I would want to be associated with.  The privilege in his district got the free tickets to see the Pontiff, while the people got nothing.

The press and politicians took what should have been a wonderful experience and left it at that.  But they could not - people had to use their status as privileged, and the need to push their own agenda through an inept press prepared to believe any lie or piece of gossip if it makes for good copy.

Those who go to the internet for the endless gossip and lies got what they want, but among the faithful we got what we want


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