Sunday, October 4, 2015


The above video was spot on.  It took about 45 minutes only because I had never done it before.  I've done a few water pumps in washers.  You would be amazed what you discover in a water pump.  Yep condoms can clog up a washer water pump.  People are always embarrassed when I show them the used condoms.  Like really, too much trouble to flush them rather than you leave them in the bed?

Anyway I have never worked on a dryer before.  I knew the belt either came lose or broke.  Thank god it only came off of the pulley.

Oh, I found nearly $7.00 in change, but none of those missing socks.  So the missing socks are still a mystery.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have called the appliance repair shop on E. Jackson. My wife did knowing that there was a $45.00 service call fee for them to come out. The repairman came out, took the clothes dryer apart and found a piece of styrofoam type material stuck on the outside of the tub that was making the noise. He removed the material and cleaned the inside of the dryer, put it back together and was finished in less than an hour. He then presented her a bill for the $45.00 service call and $195.00 for his labor for a total of $240.00. I visited the business the next day to express my disbelief that the repairman's labor was worth $195.00 for less than an hour. The young lady was very considerate and told me I needed to talk to the accounting department in Los Fresnos after she had sent a copy of the bill to the accounting department. I called and asked to talk to the owner but never got a call back. As luck would have it the labor was guaranteed for 60 days, so the following week the repairman came out again and told my wife that the noise was because the motor was on it's last leg and was going to die any time. The sad part is Lowes had a sale on similar clothes dryers for $279.00 delivered and the old one carried off. Very sorry we didn't go to Lowes and pay an additional $39.00 and get a new clothes Dryer.