Friday, October 16, 2015


Mr. Martinez confessed the to the murder of Barry Horn, the former museum director.  Mr. Martinez accused Barry Horn of being a sexual predator of young men.  There was a 40 year age difference which means Barry Horn could have been this young man's grandfather.

It is incumbent upon the gay community to take the lead on stopping gay sexual predators.  It is for us to make clear we do not find it acceptable.

One allegation Mr. Martinez made was on one night he was passed around to several men at Mr. Horn's home.  I have a list of those men.  My problem is, I have never been able to verify it is in Mr. Martinez's handwriting which is why I have not released the list.  It will end careers and marriages.

TDC has confirmed for me Mr. Martinez's death.  Based on what I know and am prepared to give them the investigation surrounding his death may be reopened.  Given the number of careers and marriages which were on the line it would not shock me if he was murdered making it appear as a suicide.


It is a fact Alfredo Padilla was representing Ernesto Martinez against DA Villalobos at the same time he was representing Villalobos.  This conflict of interest was never disclosed to Ernesto Martinez.  It would have been  enough to form a basis for a habeas corpus.  But I did not ask for help for Mr. Martinez because I was still working on the cover-up of the intentional ineffective assistance of counsel.  These men who allegedly passed this young man around had a lot to lose and easily could have floated money to Villalobos and others to insure Martinez was kept silent and went away.

TDC has been clear with me because of what I know a new investigation could be opened which would mean nothing can be released pursuant to an open records request.

I am not letting this go.

I will say this, I am praying on whether I should just release the names of the men who allegedly passed Ernesto Martinez around that night.  Screw the defamation lawsuit.  I am not stupid, beyond a couple thousand dollars I never keep any assets outside those protected against collection after judgment.  I know Texas law.  I have everything in the house, my retirement and an irrevocable trust.  So they will never collect a penny.

No man stabs another man more than 70 times unless they are really angry over something.  This ads credibility to Martinez's claim Barry Horn was a sexual predator.  His defense attorneys did nothing to verify same through subpoenas on Barry Horn's social media accounts.  They did nothing to prove Martinez's claim Horn was a sexual predator.  

Yes, murder is wrong, but 10 years was more in line with the facts than life with a minimum of 30 years.  This was a homeless gay young man abused by Barry Horn and some other prominent men in Brownsville and now he is dead.

Justice is coming - and it will come on the backs of the men who passed him around that night.

Everything is a step at time.  My next move is to find a federal or state agency which will do a complete investigation to determine if money was paid to silence Ernesto Ivan Martinez.  There are several men in Brownsville whose careers and marriages would have come to an end had their names been published.

Alfredo Padilla and Villalobos made sure the names never came out.  They will come out. This young man did wrong, but society also did wrong to him.  Those who conspired to deny him a fair trial and sentence need to be held accountable. 


Anonymous said...

I appreciate and agree with your principled stand.

Signed, A straight heterosexual man.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Ivan life, ended like that, now nobody knows the true just speculations and cold evidence.... Do you know where they buried Ivan, I would like to offer a pray for his soul.. Thanks

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea. And it saddens me to report I have reached a dead end on this story. I guess once a sexual predator is dead so too does the governments interest in the person.
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is Ivan really dead? If he is, why isn't there more info on his death? I don't know what to believe. I found this after researching his case. If he is dead THAT IS A TRAVESTY! I really need to do more research, but this boy needed more than what society and his family gave him.

Neiva said...

I don't remember the grave he was burried in but i know he died in Robertson Unit in Abilene, Texas. Then he got transferred to a cemetery the prison provided. Me his sister called the prison arranging my first visit to the facility and detention officer told me "can i just have a name and number we don't have any information with this name given but we will return your call"., found it a little weird but ok. Well a Detective called back with in 2 hrs around 10:40am. And he said "im sorry you may want to take a seat for this" i had a feeling and bursted in tears i just knew it with the tone of his voice. Well he said "your brother passed away 2 month ago, i been trying to get a hold of family members but i haven't had any luck" wtf is this he didnt, i mean there's social media, internet look up my name in a system i been having my same address for 10 yrs i mean i never got a leter or any notification nor other family members. Well even at that the detective said he committed suicide hung himself. I wanted proof but he said i can't give his belonging or i camt show puctures of the scene. How do i know if it was actually suicide i still have that feeling in my gut that it was more than that. I can't do anything since I don't know much about law but it's unfair i cant have more info.
I still look up his name to see if they posted something about his death but no they still haven't. Only this.

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea but his defense attorney did not do their job. If fact Alfred Padilla was representing the DA at the same time as he was representing your brother. That is illegal. i was getting ready to send your brother what he needed for a new trial when I found out he had died

Aldredo Padilla and Louis Sorola threw your brother under the bus. remember the then DA was indicted and is now serving time in federal prison

bobby WC

Unknown said...

Neiva do you know where he was lay to rest?

BobbyWC said...

no but you can call the texas department of corrections

Unknown said...

I think the people in charge in there didn't listen to his complains and so he killed himself. Now that he killed himself they are trying to cover up why he killed himself. He was a friend of mine and family. I didn't even know he was dead. I was about to send money when I found out he had died .

Guido Allone said...

I just saw his episode on Facing Evil on ID. I'm both surprised and sad he actually passed away. I knew he was bittered due to his traumatic life, but never would I have thought he'd commit suicide. It saddens me; this poor boy never stood a chance, whether he murdered Barry or not Ivan took bad decisions his whole life because nobody had cared for him, neither his family nor his lawyers. I'm also kinda shocked his death wasn't even published by the media, I do think it was covered up.
May Ivan's soul rest in peace. There should be an article about his death I guess.

BobbyWC said...

This is not done. I am trying to work the FBI on how his attorneys ran cover for Barry by not getting his internet footprint. Based on what I learned it would have shown him to be a sexual predator of lost boys like Ivan.

His lawyers allowed several other predictors to go free and thereby hid the truth from the people. They remain out their looking for abandoned young men

Bobby WC

Grecia said...

I don't like the fact, that some people say his family didn't care. When in truth some did I'm one of his older sister's I went to court because he asked me to and when i was going to go in some lawyer said i cant go in i told him i should go in that's
my brother and i know some of the things he said are true about being sexually abuse i told them they should do a lie detector test or whatever i was pregnant at the time when i stayed at Barry house he offered me weed brownies and i said no im pregnant and i don't like to do drugs i asked if i could stay the night said yes my little brother took me to a room and was about to leave me a lone when i told him i want him to stay with me he said he cant and i asked y he didn't want to tell me, i told him im your sister you can tell me anything he said that i have to promise not to say anything he doesn't have anywhere else to stay so i said ok he said it just that Barry come in my room in the middle of the night and starts to touch me and sucks my penis and does other things i just don't want u to hear i told him he needs to leave than but he said no Barry got me a job there at the museum and i have nowhere to go and left to the room that its next to Barry. Till this day i still dream of my little brother I wake up crying, everyone thinks Barry is a saint when he really wasn't no one knows what he does at his home i have even seen a big bag of weed there in his house when i was there i think they didn't let me go in to the court is because of what i know but i was there for my brother when he was at carrisales i sent him letters and pictures of his nephew when he was born to the jail upstate for them to say they had no way to contact us when he supposedly died is kind of fishy don't you think?

Deanna Thomas said...

Ivan, Iam so sorry. Barry was a predator and you were young and impressionable. I was shocked at the lack of info on your death.