Saturday, October 31, 2015

Well I fought Boca Chica for 35 minutes to get  from my house to the highway. I left for my doctor's appointment 45 minutes early because of the weather,  I will say once on the highway it was smooth sailing.

Here is the deal - now if I am forced to the ER for what is happening, my doctor based on a call will request VB admit me and he becomes my doctor.

It has been over a month since my PC at the VA sent me by ambulance across the street from the VA clinic to VB Harlingen because I was in so much pain and could not breath.  The ER doctor at best was a quack.  In the end she left without speaking to me.  I had to force the nurse to give me the CT scan results and all lab work.

Well today my doctor looked at the CT scan report and was confident of three things, my diaphragm is suffering chronic spasms, my liver is heavily scarred, and my lungs are not functioning.  He  could not believe all of this had not been caught by the ER doctor.  I was given a medication which might calm the spasms.  He too wants me to sleep sitting up until we have this under control. 

Over the next two weeks I will undergo a series of tests to determine the extent of the problem with my diaphragm and whether or not the hiatal hernia is making it worse.  His team of specialists will work with him to have each do their part.

I now have the best care available in Brownsville which includes a team of some of Brownsville's best surgeons, if not the best.  For any surgery I will always ask for someone on their team.  You know in the ER and you are hurting and they give you morphine, it does not take much to love your doctor.  It could be years before you realize the surgeon or doctor assigned committed malpractice - but you are happy because of the morphine. 

The best doctors like their patients to be proactive.  He knows from personal experience how hard it can be for him to be given access to his own patients at VB if he is not the admitting doctor.  But now that the VA has approved him, if I wake up not breathing again I can go to VB ER and he will be listed as my primary because he will be he one ordering me admitted.  The ER doctor will triage me, and then call my doctor or I walk out.  My doctor will give the orders and no one else.

Now if you prefer to have an ER doctor choose your specialist fine by me - but for me it makes more sense for my specialist to make the call if I need to be admitted.

The testing will include pulmonary function to determine if oxygen needs to be added to my bi-Pap to insure I keep on breathing.

For now we shall see if the medicine works. 

People not all doctors are good.  I do extensive research before I choose an outside specialist.  This specialist knows when the time comes he is to get the VA to authorize me to see my pulmonologist, if the problem cannot be corrected through gastrointestinal means.

The ER is never your best option short of injury to your body, stroke, heart attack and a handful of other problems.  It is always best to try and see your specialist first if possible, It is cheaper and a better form of treatment.

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