Thursday, October 29, 2015

First the good news - apparently the situation at the VA has gotten bad enough that when notified that Vets Choice is just sitting on the requests for outside healthcare, the VA Harlingen will real fast generate a regular voucher.  My medical notes and request from my PC were sent to the specialist yesterday who reviewed them.  I was then given a 2:45 p.m. Friday. 

I will probably sleep in unless Buster wakes me, or I stop breathing and wake up.  I am worn down unlike any time in my life.  The pain is unbearable. Sometimes walking from the bedroom to the kitchen is enough to knock me out.


I choose not to drink, although I enjoy it, I choose not to smoke a good pipe, although I enjoy it, I choose not to smoke a good cigar, although I enjoy it, I abstain from sex, although I enjoy it, all because life requires we make choices.  Each of these choices I believe are in my best interest.

People who just live life based on desire I suspect never learn to live life.  I choose to laugh when people thing I should be quiet.  My roommate cracks up as I give cashiers or restaurant staff a hard time because they laugh.  They work hard so I do my best to make them laugh. 

Tonight we ate at the Oyster Bar and I had a hard time fitting in the first booth - the waitress smiled as I went to another booth.  I knew she would appreciate a fat joke because we are about the same girth.  So I made a fat joke and we all laughed.  It made for a very warm and enjoyable dinner.

I needed help at Lowes with supplies to fix my fence caused by flooding damage from my neighbor's yard.  I had the guys laughing.  My roommate is looking at me like I'm nuts and I said "well is everyone laughing?"  It is good to make people laugh.  They work hard and they need a break from the complaining customers.  And for the record I did not ask my new neighbor to help defer the costs of repairing the fence.  He just bought the house.  I choose to be a good neighbor.

You know the VA worker today who made everything work got me to send my doctor a nice secure message asking that the director be told about how hard she worked for me.  Why not?  She worked hard and did a great job.

A friend of mine just bought his daughter a $100 pair of sneakers because without any guidance from anyone she did everything right as an outcry witness and protected a little girl.  She loved being interviewed by the police because she learned how important their job is.  Choices.

We can choose to fight and make our community and world better or be cynical and just find ways to make money and move on.

I have always walked away from money.  I can go back to Dallas tomorrow and earn over $100,000 a years doing legal research for a big firm.  They know in an hour I can do what takes an associate two or three days.  Clients are very sensitive to billing and the big law firms need researchers who are fast and accurate.  But I chose a quiet uneventful life in Brownsville, helping people who cannot help themselves which the Supreme Court has found to be a fundamental  First Amendment Right so long as I do not bill - easy enough because I hate money.

I chose to not sue the first doctor who failed to remove my gallbladder.  Several Dallas firms told me it is pretty standard the insurance companies in a case like mine would pay $250,000 without a lawsuit  - which means $150k to me.  I chose to do nothing.  I do not need the money.  And why ruin the reputation of a good surgeon - a mistake is not negligence - medical necessity is not negligence. 

It is time we choose doing right by our neighbors and community, and stop putting ourselves first.

For now I am choosing to slow down until the doctors can bring the diaphragm under control.

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