Sunday, October 25, 2015



Apparently enough evidence has been presented to the DOJ and FBI in Washington that the local offices of the FBI and DOJ are now part of the institutionalized corruption that changes can be expected. 

My source is telling me a decision has been made the local FBI and DOJ cannot be trusted.  The question has become how do they end the corruption without tainting the entire FBI and DOJ? 

My source is pretty reliable.  There are reliable people in both the federal and state law enforcement systems who have seen enough evidence of the collusion of corruption between local law enforcement and ties with the local FBI and DOJ, that they have taken it to the highest levels in Washington. 

How Washington will respond is anyone's guess.  They may not be able to fix the problems without doing irreparable damage to the DOJ and FBI.

What is important is Washington is onto the collusion between local law enforcement and the FBJ/DOJ.

All we can do now is sit and see what happens.

I suspect there will be quiet reassignments.  But with any luck Washington will decide they need to take down all parties involved.


Anonymous said...

About dam time seems to many people in bed with each other,time to clean house.

Anonymous said...

The fact that some individuals have not been indicted is pretty telling on this. GH, ET, DS and his bro DS among the most absent from the headlines.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Trevino and Oscar De La Fuente are still La Fuente admitted to crimes in the Abel Limas trial....Eddie Trevino gave Limas BRIBE TO GET CASES...that was Limas' Testimony....and they are still running free practicing law! Luis Saenz ignores them while picking to go after small fish. The hell with all of them.

BobbyWC said...

My source is telling me that the same information I was given that the FBI/DOJ asked Saenz not to prosecute Oscar de la Fuente was sent by a local FBI/DOJ agent to the highest levels in Washington.

The problem is because the DOJ lawyers made a big deal before the jury no deal was cut to prevent Saenz from prosecuting de la Fuente, if this comes out then Villalobos is released on a habeas. Villalobos can file a habeas on this issue and bring Saenz into the court to testify under oath why he did not prosecute de la Fuenta. If he lies the document which is now in Washington can be used to charge him with federal perjury.

Villalobos has a lot of power right now. The problem is he needs a lot of money for an attorney who will go after Saenz and the FBI/DOJ - no court appointed attorney will fight the battle as needed.

The other problem is, if then US Attorney Robert Pitman authorized the deal to not prosecute de la Fuente in state court he himself can be prosecuted and impeached as a federal judge.

The DOJ/FBI have mess on their hands. Villalobos can force it into the open. This has gotten too big because of the potential for the impeachment of a federal judge. I suspect people will be quietly moved around with others being fired or forced into early retirement.

This would be a mistake because if one of the Freedom Projects were to take on Villalobos' case then we would have an intentional cover-up by Washington and that would explode against everyone -= Republicans and Democrats alike

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Booby, you have points of interest but, no one wants to do anything to get a Fed judge nor anyone else involved down. Washington, is full of shit and doesn't care about what has happened nor what is happening.
The Feds will continue to cover their ass and Judge Hanen will continue supplying the toilet paper rolls.
Armando V., needs people like yourself to help fight and take the leadership role of contacting such media to get involved.