Saturday, October 3, 2015

My lawnmower is 11 years and works as well today as it did when I bought it.  But it is a 100% push lawnmower.  My roommate for his side business has a front wheel drive lawnmower which really did not do much for me.  Mine was lighter and in fact easier to use. 
But with my breathing problems I really just wanted a lawnmower which just pulled me along.  The idea was I would just walk behind a 100% self propelled lawnmower.
Well it is more like being on a treadmill while mowing.  It is powerful.  I am actually walking at a very, very fast pace while mowing which is not really helping with my breathing problems.  It is really that powerful.  Now I do mow the lawn in half the time.  Yes, I do not push one bit, but it pulls me so hard I am almost at a running pace.  I also have to force the front down because the rear wheel drive forces the front up if you do not force it down. 
Also as you approach the fence you have to release the all wheel drive to avoid mowing up the fence.  I gave my old lawnmower to a young man trying to make some money on the side mowing lawns.   

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