Monday, October 19, 2015


Saenz's office refused to produce the indictment of a man who donated $5000 to his campaign and an  email he produced to Juanito but cannot now seem to find.  Are records already being shredded?

More after breakfast - about 9


Anonymous said...

How do you know there was an email sent to Juanito?

BobbyWC said...

he published it as said Melissa released it to him

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Are you still planning on writing about the "more" to this story you referenced in your original post? I've been waiting to read it but then there was nothing.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct - sorry - but I have been dealing with my disabled brother. I was called at 5 a.m. this morning that he had a complete mental breakdown after having yet another stroke caused by the tumors on his brain. I have been working with lawyers all day off and on to get him removed to a VA nursing home.

My sister in law Is prohibiting him care. In fact the police had to show at the nursing home with an ambulance and she interfered thereby causing so much stress on my brother they were afraid to move him. My brother became so upset they had to make the decision to leave him because the stress level on his was too high. But we now have key witnesses to the nursing home and my sister in laws abuse.

I am working nearly non stop to get a court order to remove him to a VA nursing home in Houston and away from his wife. She is a very dangerous person. He tried to divorce her and to punish him she started to empty the checking account to a lawyer refusing all settlement offers well beyond what any court would have given her.

The lawyers are working on finding emotional abuse and banning her from going near him. The nursing home is being visited by APS, within a few days.

Their own doctors found my brother is mentally incompetent and then had him sign documents giving control of his money to his step daughters who he hates. He now has nothing and an evil wife stopping him from getting care. APS and the police are on it. I've been in hell for days.

Then today while dealing with all of this I was told I need two eye surgeries one in each eye. Some fog is developing behind the new lense and a laser is used to open up the area to drain the fog. The cataract in the other eye is ready to come out. And then as if that was not enough I was told I have a malfunction of the optic nerve which can lead to blindness and had no treatment so I will be followed every couple of months and if need be referred to a specialist who may be able to correct the optic nerve. They do not do it right away because not everyone goes blind and the surgery can lead to blindness. Optic disc drusen- Let's just say I have been busy.

If APS does not take action to protect my brother the VA has agreed to send in investigators. TRICARE is also sending in investigators.

My brother's step daughter a year ago abandoned him for two days where he sat in his own feces and urine with no food or water after she took my sister in law to the hospital. The sheriff had to recuse him. So the police know the history of abuse towards my brother.

So I may be busy for a while working on this. Tomorrow APS has asked for a ton of documents and numbers - like contacting the sheriff to learn about what happened a year ago when he was left to die in his chair. The good news is people are coming forward offering to testify about the endless emotional and physical abuse he has suffered.

So I am sorry I never finished the story - but you are right I owe it to my readers and thanks for reminding me.

Bobby WC