Saturday, October 31, 2015

She had a party at her house on her actual B-Day but it was just the kids she knows from school who live in her complex.  There were not a lot of presents. Today is the family B-Day and Halloween party.  They will Trick or Treat in my neighborhood later. 6 Pumpkins for 6 years.
The pool is spotless and the filter is backwashed.  We are ready for the company which should start arriving soon.


A self absorbed commissioner is in part blaming the people for the flooding.  You see, we intentionally block the drainage entrances so the water cannot flow.

Well the above drainage entrance is in front of a house which flooded after the street flooded.  The water went into the house through the brick walls because the water levels reached so high.  The garage had water as the water rose up the driveway.  This had nothing to do with anyone blocking the entrance to the drainage system.  But our city commissioners unwilling to take responsibility for their incompetence, need to blame someone so they post stupid comments to their FB page blaming us.


Last time this house had water in its garage and Cowan Terrace near Boca Chica went under I was told the city did not have enough advanced notice to drain the Resacas enough to absorb the water.  I do not know if the Resacas accept the water all over town, but that was the reason this city commissioner gave for the flooding.

This time we had nearly a week advance notice of the storm.  Why were the Resacas not lowered enough to handle the water?  Incompetence.

Boca Chica is a state highway so yes, the placement of the drainage is their responsibility, but where the water flows to is the responsibility of the city.

There is plenty of drainage on Boca Chica and OPI and McDavitt.  Even the produce stand which always goes under near Security and Boca Chica has a drainage entrance.


The city has money for everything but proper drainage.  Our inept mayor and city commissioners are the only people in the city who do not know the problem is the city has failed to create a system for receiving the water.  During a heavy downfall the system fills up and the water cannot drain - hence the street flooding.

So to the city commission - stop making excuses - hire a competent engineer and create a better and larger system for accepting the water when it rains.  The problem is not a lack of drainage or people blocking the entrances.  The problem is a city leadership unwilling to take action to improve how the water is processed once it enters the drainage system.

My drainage system is not working because the flower pots which hold the water until it can flow through the pipes to the front street are too small.  The solution.  I am going to look for plastic flower pots twice the size.  They will hold a lot more water before they overflow because the water cannot move to the street fast enough.  I will also add another system which has the water near the AC drain directly into a shower drain which will connect to 2" PCV which I will then run to the street. 

If we had a city commission willing to address the problem there would rarely be flooding.  The rains are getting worse.


"One of the driest places on Earth has blossomed after some unusual rain earlier this year.

The Atacama Desert, primarily located in Chile along the Pacific Ocean, is flush with flowers after relatively heavy precipitation in March and August fell in the drought-stricken region.


The rainfall on one day in March — 0.96 inches — was the equivalent of approximately 14 years of precipitation"


The National Weather Service has already announced we are going to have a cold wet winter.  Climate change is real no matter what the Republicans tell you.  The legitimate debate is the cause of the climate change.

We have been told in no uncertain terms we are going to get a lot more rain and the best this inept city commissioner can come up with is some resident blocked one of the drainage systems.

No, it is time the city devote every penny available to enlarge the holding areas for flood water.  These drains need to be able to drain into systems which can hold a lot more water than the system can currently hold. Until the city invests in enlarging the areas designed to hold the water, the drainage systems will continue to back up and houses like the one I profiled will continue to flood. 

I am so concerned with what happened to my neighbor and the fact there was water on the west side wall of my home, I am buying another yard of top soil to regrade the area so that more water flows away from the house.

Here is an education video on how to do it.


I hope this post helps my readers better understand the problem and how they can better protect their properties.  When you buy a house you must commit to constant repairs and upgrades.  I spend money every month on the house.  It is just not the mortgage.


As to my main drainage system,  the two gutters coming off my roof in my back yard drain into large flower pots with a shower drain at the bottom.  The drain then connects into 2" PVC pipe which is buried about three inches underground and run all the way to the street.  It is a lot of work, but trust me my backyard flooding would be a lot worse.  It is an expensive project, but I just placed one 8 foot section a week until it was done.

In this picture you can barely see my gutter.  I have elephant ears blocking the down flow and flower pot so no one really sees the system.  It can be done in a way which is nice looking.

Well I fought Boca Chica for 35 minutes to get  from my house to the highway. I left for my doctor's appointment 45 minutes early because of the weather,  I will say once on the highway it was smooth sailing.

Here is the deal - now if I am forced to the ER for what is happening, my doctor based on a call will request VB admit me and he becomes my doctor.

It has been over a month since my PC at the VA sent me by ambulance across the street from the VA clinic to VB Harlingen because I was in so much pain and could not breath.  The ER doctor at best was a quack.  In the end she left without speaking to me.  I had to force the nurse to give me the CT scan results and all lab work.

Well today my doctor looked at the CT scan report and was confident of three things, my diaphragm is suffering chronic spasms, my liver is heavily scarred, and my lungs are not functioning.  He  could not believe all of this had not been caught by the ER doctor.  I was given a medication which might calm the spasms.  He too wants me to sleep sitting up until we have this under control. 

Over the next two weeks I will undergo a series of tests to determine the extent of the problem with my diaphragm and whether or not the hiatal hernia is making it worse.  His team of specialists will work with him to have each do their part.

I now have the best care available in Brownsville which includes a team of some of Brownsville's best surgeons, if not the best.  For any surgery I will always ask for someone on their team.  You know in the ER and you are hurting and they give you morphine, it does not take much to love your doctor.  It could be years before you realize the surgeon or doctor assigned committed malpractice - but you are happy because of the morphine. 

The best doctors like their patients to be proactive.  He knows from personal experience how hard it can be for him to be given access to his own patients at VB if he is not the admitting doctor.  But now that the VA has approved him, if I wake up not breathing again I can go to VB ER and he will be listed as my primary because he will be he one ordering me admitted.  The ER doctor will triage me, and then call my doctor or I walk out.  My doctor will give the orders and no one else.

Now if you prefer to have an ER doctor choose your specialist fine by me - but for me it makes more sense for my specialist to make the call if I need to be admitted.

The testing will include pulmonary function to determine if oxygen needs to be added to my bi-Pap to insure I keep on breathing.

For now we shall see if the medicine works. 

People not all doctors are good.  I do extensive research before I choose an outside specialist.  This specialist knows when the time comes he is to get the VA to authorize me to see my pulmonologist, if the problem cannot be corrected through gastrointestinal means.

The ER is never your best option short of injury to your body, stroke, heart attack and a handful of other problems.  It is always best to try and see your specialist first if possible, It is cheaper and a better form of treatment.

Friday, October 30, 2015



For the first time ever my entire backyard is under water.  I checked on the alley and it is at least 4 inches under water so I cannot pump water into the alley from the pool.  Ripple Creek Cir at its center is a good 4 inches under water.  In 4 years it has never flooded.

The rain has let up, so the drainage may get ahead of the next waive - I hope.  I save sandbags and have about 20.  I just put a bunch around my garage because somehow water is getting in.  I saw a neighbor sweeping water from the backyard into the front. 

My street has drainage - but wherever it goes it cannot handle this much rain.  The city needs to rethink how the water drains.  It is not enough to have drainage - the water must bust be able to flow into the drainage pipes and away from the area.  Right now it is just backing up.


When I bought this house just over 4 years ago, I asked the previous owners about flooding in the backyard.  They said never.  The day I moved in Brownsville was like in day 2 or 3 of  a Tropical Depression hanging over it.  Moving in heavy rains was a nightmare.  I went to take Buster and Keaton outside to learn the backyard was under at least 5 inches of water.

I have two new neighbors in the last 6 months.  The one on the corner is digging trenches to lay 2 " PVC pipe to drain the water from the backyard.  Several months before they  bought the house the water reached the garage from the street.

My new neighbor who is remodeling the home just learned about the flooding.  The drainage system was blocked.  The previous owner was a good man who died. In the end he was just too sick to do anything about cleaning his drainage system, and I did not have the heart to complain every time my backyard flooded from the water in his yard.  The west side of my house is under at least 5 inches of water from my house to the fence.


All 4 are on overflow and the water in the front of the house for the first time is up over the curb and coming up the driveway.  I will be fine,  The house itself will never flood.

The area you see in picture one has two drainage systems moving massive amounts of water to the front - hence the water coming up my driveway, and there is still that much water in my backyard.

This is the worst flooding I have seen in the Cowan Terrace area in 4 years.  I just checked the pool - the water is coming over the top.  I cannot turn on the back wash to lower it because where the water will go is already about 5 inches or more under water.  It is the area in picture one.  I do have a long hose which attaches to the filter which I can run to the alley.  If it gets much worse I will.  The pool deck is under water - so I may have no choice.

Stay in people.  I am leaving at 2 for my 2:45 doctor's appointment.  It is next to Valley Regional and the feeder road for Alton Gloor tends to flood.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


I told my nephew from day one this would go no where. DA's and ADA's are always protected. I would post the information now, but I am way too tired to look through my nephews filing system and get the documents which show Guz Garza and Louis Sorola point blank lied to the State Bar. They said Sorola was appointed on the same day Hector Negrete's attorney withdrew. The court filings and docket sheet clearly show the motion to withdraw was filed on the 5th, granted on the 7th and Sorola was appointed on the 9th. An out right lie.

The Summary Disposition Docket is when the Chief Disciplinary Counsel decides the case has no merit.  Out right lying to the State Bar according to Stephanie Strolle is ethical and acceptable conduct for lawyers.

This case was not about disciplining Sorola and Garza - like I said I told my nephew the case was going nowhere because Garza is protected.

What the case is about is the ongoing DOJ/FBI investigation into the State Bar running cover for the corruption in Cameron county and in particular the DA's office.  Remember Oscar de la Fuente who confessed to endless bribes of Villalobos got a slap on the hand.  Remember the Commission on Judicial Conduct giving Limas a private reprimand for the same conduct that got him sent to federal prison.

We know the source of the corruption.  When you see the documents on Monday and then think about it you will finally understand the State Bar of Texas is the largest criminal enterprise in Texas because it is run by the very lawyers corrupting the process. Villalobos was small fries to make it appear like the rules matter.

So there you have it - I am telling Sorola and Gus Garza the result before it happens,  If you understand the rules the Summary Disposition Panel means the Chief counsel has found lying is ethical and will stand before a committee of judges, lawyers, and lay people and ask that the conduct be found as ethical.

They give no date in the letter, although it was issued before my nephew was allowed to submit his final evidence on Friday which is the date deadline they gave him in writing via email after they got caught withholding the notice for 6 days.

Juanito will call it a victory while ignoring the verified lies - he needs to drink and Sorola will insure he gets the money to continue his path towards suicide through liver failure thereby leaving Juanito's children without a father. That is the kind of man Louis Sorola is, and the kind of man Mary Esther Garcia Sorola married to guide her daughter in ethics.

It is not a victory for our legal system and a complete lose for Juanito's children as Sorola continues to feed his addiction which will lead to liver failure and death.
First the good news - apparently the situation at the VA has gotten bad enough that when notified that Vets Choice is just sitting on the requests for outside healthcare, the VA Harlingen will real fast generate a regular voucher.  My medical notes and request from my PC were sent to the specialist yesterday who reviewed them.  I was then given a 2:45 p.m. Friday. 

I will probably sleep in unless Buster wakes me, or I stop breathing and wake up.  I am worn down unlike any time in my life.  The pain is unbearable. Sometimes walking from the bedroom to the kitchen is enough to knock me out.


I choose not to drink, although I enjoy it, I choose not to smoke a good pipe, although I enjoy it, I choose not to smoke a good cigar, although I enjoy it, I abstain from sex, although I enjoy it, all because life requires we make choices.  Each of these choices I believe are in my best interest.

People who just live life based on desire I suspect never learn to live life.  I choose to laugh when people thing I should be quiet.  My roommate cracks up as I give cashiers or restaurant staff a hard time because they laugh.  They work hard so I do my best to make them laugh. 

Tonight we ate at the Oyster Bar and I had a hard time fitting in the first booth - the waitress smiled as I went to another booth.  I knew she would appreciate a fat joke because we are about the same girth.  So I made a fat joke and we all laughed.  It made for a very warm and enjoyable dinner.

I needed help at Lowes with supplies to fix my fence caused by flooding damage from my neighbor's yard.  I had the guys laughing.  My roommate is looking at me like I'm nuts and I said "well is everyone laughing?"  It is good to make people laugh.  They work hard and they need a break from the complaining customers.  And for the record I did not ask my new neighbor to help defer the costs of repairing the fence.  He just bought the house.  I choose to be a good neighbor.

You know the VA worker today who made everything work got me to send my doctor a nice secure message asking that the director be told about how hard she worked for me.  Why not?  She worked hard and did a great job.

A friend of mine just bought his daughter a $100 pair of sneakers because without any guidance from anyone she did everything right as an outcry witness and protected a little girl.  She loved being interviewed by the police because she learned how important their job is.  Choices.

We can choose to fight and make our community and world better or be cynical and just find ways to make money and move on.

I have always walked away from money.  I can go back to Dallas tomorrow and earn over $100,000 a years doing legal research for a big firm.  They know in an hour I can do what takes an associate two or three days.  Clients are very sensitive to billing and the big law firms need researchers who are fast and accurate.  But I chose a quiet uneventful life in Brownsville, helping people who cannot help themselves which the Supreme Court has found to be a fundamental  First Amendment Right so long as I do not bill - easy enough because I hate money.

I chose to not sue the first doctor who failed to remove my gallbladder.  Several Dallas firms told me it is pretty standard the insurance companies in a case like mine would pay $250,000 without a lawsuit  - which means $150k to me.  I chose to do nothing.  I do not need the money.  And why ruin the reputation of a good surgeon - a mistake is not negligence - medical necessity is not negligence. 

It is time we choose doing right by our neighbors and community, and stop putting ourselves first.

For now I am choosing to slow down until the doctors can bring the diaphragm under control.

Sorry in living hell with VA Vets Choice a private company which arranges appointments with outside specialists.  I have a bunch of secure messages from my doctor ordering me to the ER knowing Valley Baptist will not allow me to choose my specialist of choice.  Vets Choice has no process for expediting vouchers.  At least when the VA itself handled the vouchers the doctor could force the issue and get a voucher issued within 30 minutes, now it is 30 days.

I'm in hell with the diaphragm spasms and breathing problems. 

The good news is, in the primaries I can vote for Bernie Sanders and in the general election there is zero chance of Texas going Democrat so all of the electoral votes will go to the Republican nominee.  This means by me not voting for president in November 2016, it makes no difference because Hillary has zero chances of winning Texas' electoral votes, which decides the race.

Click on story

If the Republicans want to take down Hillary this is the narrative they need to run with.  Donald Trump has already accused Congress of failing veterans.  He needs to pound on his.

There is no chance in hell I would vote for anyone who denies the crisis in the VA system.


I just learned that doctors in the Valley are refusing to work with Vets Choice, having already been through the other mess with the private company TRIWEST. My specialist will only accept a regular old fashion VA voucher - knowing full well there is no money to pay on the voucher. I do not lie when I tell you Congress is not even working on a bill to fix thr funding problem for the VA system used by the veterans in the LRGV. It is not even on the table.  Where is Congressman Vela - just going along with the Corporatist to make things like LNG work while veterans are denied services.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The hearing is set for 10 a.m.  I will try and make it.  I'm in a lot of pain from the diaphragm spasms, but we shall see.

Sometime after I left the courthouse it was finally entered on the docket sheet the hearing was cancelled.

I spoke with Pearl the Court Administrator and she told Judge Betancourt on her own motion recused herself.  I do not know the reason. There is nothing in the system even at the courthouse.  It is just now while at home am I seeing the note - hearing cancelled.

I spoke with the Office of the Regional Administrative Judge and the clerk told me they have yet to receive a request for the assignment of a visiting judge or the order of recusal.  So for now, we sit and wait.


I love watching active hearings.  Judge Betancourt was hearing a medical malpractice case.  The defense attorney was mildly aggressive to be heard.  He was okay, but not as polite as he should have been.  Judge Betancourt realizing he was just defending his client's interest very politely and professionally told him to proceed.  This is good judicial temperament. 

When you compare this to Judge Wittig yesterday you see the difference between a good and bad judge.

Yes it is true the Chambers trial was delayed because of the Motion to Recuse.  But Judge Wittig was fully aware the reason he was not more timely assigned to hear the Motion to Recuse so as to allow the trial to proceed assuming the Motion to Recuse was denied, was because we effectively had no Regional Administrative Judge to appoint him.  This was not a routine appointment.  There was an unfortunate situation intervening in his appointment and to take it out on Chambers attorney was unprofessional.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I have a lot more access than people realize.  It is like I say, I am no where by chance and everywhere by intent.  Nothing is ever as it appears. One day Cameron county will find a lawyer who knows what I am saying.

Your Honor, lawyer after lawyer have told me there is absolutely no way you or your staff were involved in this mess concerning John Chambers.  It makes me feel hopeful when so many lawyers come to the defense of one judge in Cameron county.  The key to this case is the FBI forcing Juan Mendiola to tell the truth.


The record presented in open court shows you denied the charges.  It is unfortunate but this was a no, no.  It is hard to not be able to defend yourself when you know you are a victim.  I hope you take from this horrible experience what it must feel like to be an innocent criminal defendant and no one wants to listen. When you have a lawyer who tells you it is too dangerous to take the stand and deny the charges.  Well I listened, and the lawyers are united in their voice.  There is no way you or your staff were involved.  In my original post which you may or may not have read, I did not even mention the name of your staff member accused of making the call, because I consider the claims by Mendiola to be a lie and did not want to hurt your staff member.


Judge Longoria Recused from the Hannah Overton Case
Posted: Nov 24, 2014 1:27 PM CST Updated: Dec 02, 2014 6:48 PM CST
 CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - The judge assigned to hear a motion to recuse Judge Jose Longoria from the Hannah Overton trial decided Monday that Longoria's impartiality as a judge in the case may reasonably be questioned, and ordered that the motion for his recusal be granted.

It was back on Oct. 29 when Overton first filed a motion to recuse the judge. Her defense council stated that Judge Longoria could be viewed as a witness in the case and that his impartiality is questionable. The judge presiding over the Fifth Administrative Judicial Region assigned Judge Frederico G. Hinojosa to hear that motion.

Hinojosa determined that it is not necessary to hear Overton's motion because Judge Longoria filed an affidavit in response to the motion to recuse, something that is not allowed in the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure according to Judge Hinojosa.
The cases are not a four corner match.  You denied the claim on the record, while Judge Longoria did it in an affidavit.
I note this is a concurring opinion.
"But the need for a judge to testify concerning facts pertaining to a recusal motion does not justify the judge's offering testimony on the more general matter of the existence of any perceived impartiality. [my note - you did this Judge Leal - innocently I might add when you went on the record and denied the claims] Judges should not inject themselves too far into recusal hearings. Not that Judge Bennett did, I should add; but other judges might. While no judge likes to think of being perceived as partial, a hearing on a motion to recuse is simply not a trial of the judge's character and should not be treated as such. The less a judge is involved in recusal proceedings, voluntarily or involuntarily, the better. "
Justice is more important than the judge.  The system is everything.  We need to know the system is clean.  You can still be the hero in this case by recusing yourself and referring the case to the FBI and Texas Rangers to investigate Juan Mendiola.  His decision to cut and run to Dallas did not help him.
Justice is getting to the truth of the matter, and without a full request by you to the FBI to investigate Mendiola the truth may never be known.
Do the right thing by recusing yourself, rather than lose the respect of the Bar. You have really done nothing wrong.  But forcing this case any further taints you.  No one wants that.
Note to my Readers
For all practical purposes the VA Harlingen for outside care has collapsed.  My doctor wants me to go to Valley Baptist ER ASAP knowing full well I will be denied access to my specialists.  The problem is the VA, not its doctors.  It can now take a month to get an emergency referral now being done by yet another private company sitting on the doctor's request.

My breathing is shallow, and my chest feels like a ton of bricks.  As of this moment I refuse to go to VB to allow an inept ER doctor to assign my specialists.  The diaphragm spasms are real bad, but I am real hungry.  Tonight I will sleep in the recliner to relieve pressure on the lungs and diaphragm. If I end up in the ER I might be down until I am home or in a room.  I will not leave the house without my source pro.  I really want to make the TSC hearing in the morning.

We need a state law which makes it a crime for an ER doctor or hospital to assign a specialist other than the one requested by the patient conditioned on the specialist having privileges at the hospital and the specialist is willing to see the patient.  Until such a law is in place, VB will give preference to certain  doctors over others. 
I am tired because of another respiratory arrest problem last night.  I am off to bed.  But here is the deal, Judge Wittig ordered all counsel into court in the sternest of means.  He then turned a blind eye that the most important material witness, Juan Mendiola ran to Dallas to avoid testifying.  Mendiola is a counsel of record for Chambers and Judge Wittig took a flipped attitude to Mendiola ignoring his order to appear and fleeing to Dallas. 
The recording clearly has Mendiola telling John Chambers the court told him to withdraw.  Chambers new San Antonio attorneys presented uncontroverted evidence that Mendiola denied what was on the tape.  Mendiola is clearly a liar.  Judge Wittig was fine with this.  A quick research on my part makes clear that when a material witness fails to appear or an attorney of the defendant fails to appear mandamus is the proper remedy, if a continuance is denied.  Judge Wittig just tainted this case beyond repair.  Judge Leal hung herself by not recusing herself and referring the matter to the FBI for investigation.
I want to be clear.  I do not believe Judge Leal or anyone from her office ever call Mendiola.  I will not even mention the name of the staff member of Judge Leal which was named because it will taint her reputation for no good reason.  She too is a victim of Mendiola's lies.  The fact he ran to Dallas after Judge Wittig ordered all counsel into court tells the entire story.
Even Peter Gilman counsel for the State could not help but saying Juan Mendiola is the problem here.  This is why it is clear to me Judge Wittig intentionally corrupted the case when he denied John Chamber's Motion for Continuance to secure the testimony of Juan Mendiola.  Peter Gilman himself conceded Mendiola was the most important material witness to the case of the recusal.
But Judge Wittig denied the Motion for Continuance to give time to John Chambers to have the constable if need be drag Mendiola into court.  He was under a court order by Judge Wittig, which Judge Wittig himself summarily dismissed as meaningless.  And think about this, why not continue it until Friday when briefs are due?  The case is still open.  There is your proof Wittig had no interest in justice.
Someone, and it was not Judge Leal or her staff got to Mendiola.  It is time Chambers calls in the FBI to look at Mendiola, DA Saenz and his staff and Judge Wittig.
Think about it,  the DA agrees Juan Mendiola is the problem - he is one of the counsel for John Chambers ordered into court and Judge Wittig turns a blind eye to the fact Mendiola thumbed his nose to his order to appear for the hearing.
Boy but the second John Chamber's counsel made known his dissatisfaction that Peter Gilman was accusing him of filing a frivolous motion to recuse, Judge [I'm hopelessly corrupt Wittig] made clear he would not tolerate Chamber's counsel speaking up for himself to the point of saying "Are you trying to make me mad?"  That is what Wittig should have said about Mendiola ignoring his court order.
The bottom line is,  so long as Don Wittig continues to act as a visiting judge Justice will not be an option in Cameron county.

Victor Vallade who Saenz effectively allowed to walk has a TDC release date of 2034, with possible parole in 2024.  In the local case on Wednesday afternoon Saenz's office told the victim to show on Monday to testify even though Saenz's office had already cut a plea bargain earlier in the day.

In the case which got me to start Parents Against Domestic Abuse [by the way being viewed all over the world every day for its educational information], the alleged abuser continues to walk free.  Saenz was given the 911 call and the police report.  He has witness names.  He refuses to prosecute.

Melissa Landin has no conscience - she knows Saenz is lying about his policy on domestic abuse - but hey a few dead women leaves her with less competition so what does she care - satire for the challenged.

It was a job too Melissa for those pushing the Jews into the fake showers.

I want to be clear about something - I think Judge Leal is an innocent victim in this matter.  But the evidence still points to the facts someone called Chamber's bond attorney and told him to file a motion to withdraw which he did.  He did not notify his client.  The evidence will be presented by recording of the statements by Mendiola to Chambers as to why he filed the motion to withdraw.

At this point we do not even know if Mendiola will be able to name who in Judge Janet Leal's office made the call - assuming it even came from Leal's office. 

It is unfortunate Leal did not recuse herself while referring this matter to the FBI.  Someone abused her court and now there is an appearance problem and an appearance problem is all it takes to justify a judge being recused.  If she is recused she will have lost the power of she taking the lead in calling for an FBI investigation.

A game is being played in this criminal case and justice demands an investigation.

Judge Janet Leal is guilty of putting a bruised ego ahead of justice.  She should have stepped aside with a clear denial of being involved with a very public referral of the matter to the FBI.  That ship has sailed.  Even though I think she is a victim, her failure to do the right thing now taints her and that is sad.  It also taints the entire case.

It is justice first, bruised judicial egos never.

I should have an update on the hearing by 4.  The hearing is at 2.


Our Grand Opening is on November 3rd at 6am.

The first 100 campers will receive free doughnuts for a year (one dozen doughnuts a month).

Below are the rules for the campers: Brownsville Krispy Kreme Grand Opening --

Camper Program Grand Opening date scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 3 at 6am Campers invited to begin camping the day prior at 3pm Overview/Rules:

● 100 campers + 12 drive through vehicles will be allowed to participate.
● Campers should be prepared with provisions/chairs/tents/phone adapters.
● Must be 16 years of age or older (w/license or valid ID)
● Numbered wristband provided after: I.D. checked, FB event join, FB page join, “Dozen Days” raffle entry form, T-shirt size, sign attendance sheet
● Must be at campsite all night. No holding place in line. Camper Awards (numbered 1- 12):
● Participation Certificate
● T-shirt
● Dozen Doughnut Month card (redeemable next visit)
● Pirate Cup Camper Awards (numbered 13-100):
● Participation Certificate ● Dozen Doughnut/Month card (redeemable next visit)
● Pirate Cup Drive-through Awards (numbered 1- 12):
● Participation Certificate
● Dozen Doughnut/Month card (redeemable next visit)
● Pirate Cup Timeline: 3pm (Opening eve) - Campers can show up.

Drive through not available until morning. 6pm - Begin to hand out wristbands, take down names, get shirt sizes, etc. 8pm - Movie/doughnut sample 10pm - Movie/popcorn 10pm-4am - Team member at store with employee allowing bathroom access. Random roll calls throughout the night. 5am - Tents/chairs put away, Hand out t-shirts 5:30am- Safety cones removed, Drive through traffic lane opened once all clear 6am - Doors open, Hand out prize coupons 9am- Ribbon-cutting

Monday, October 26, 2015


From Juanito "He no onger dreses in his leather bike vest or sports a braid on his beard. In fact, he now has no beard, is clean shaven and spots a guayabera last time we saw him." The misspelling show his urgency in getting this out.  BlogSpot has a spellcheck button which takes less than a second to click on.

I was taken aback by this statement because I saw my nephew yesterday when I went to retrieve my table saw.  He had his beard.  Juanito is so stupid and dangerous to Justine Pointinger that he fails to understand that when my nephew appears in court Judge Salazar will see with her own eyes he has his beard and realize lies are being post to somehow make her and my nephew look bad.

His claim she will allow me to practice law in her court is entirely unfounded..  Unfortunately he relies on JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola and Louis Sorola for his knowledge of the law.

You do not have to be a lawyer to argue a case before a JP judge.  The law is clear.  There is a difference between explaining to the court what is happening, and signing pleading and charging a fee.

"(d) The rules adopted by the supreme court may not:
(1) require that a party in a case be represented by an attorney;" 
Click for JP Court Rule

This is the law the Texas Supreme Court was to follow when it wrote the new rules for JP Courts.  They cannot require that a party in a case be presented by a lawyer.

The Rules of Procedure actually clarify this.

"(c) Assisted Representation. The court may, for good cause, allow an individual representing himself or herself to be assisted in court by a family member or other individual who is not being compensated"

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 500.4

I am a family member and may assist my nephew.  The law is clear and Sorola is determined to protect his unethical conduct.  This is so far from over.


Juanito is driven to believe I am the force behind all of this.  I am not.  I advised against a lawsuit because of a lack of insurance.  My nephew was adamant the father claimed to him there was insurance.

I have not read the subpoena Juanito is talking about.  I verified through on line court records that the time was wrong.  Abel Gomez's office has yet to serve the subpoena..  JP Linda Salazar's office is issuing the subpoena with the correct time.  Had Juanito not printed his lies about my nephew we would have gone to court on the 10th to no avail,  Thanks for the heads up Juanito. 


What Juanito does not understand is, once the insurance company is disclosed the case will be abated to allow the adjuster to make a decision. The adjuster for the insurance company has every reason to rule against my nephew.  It is the nature of the beast.  But if they find for him and pay, that then tells us based on interviewing the young lady without her father trying to invoke his perverted view of the law, that she was liable all along.

Juanito knows this and continues to lie because he knows the insurance company is going to pay and the case will end.  If not then they will hire an attorney and try the case to a jury.  Judge Salazar will have nothing to do with the final ruling in this case.  It is that simple.

But Juanito's verifiable endless lies will impact the case.  You better run boy because a subpoena is coming your way for the 10th. You can explain your lie about the beard and every other lie you have posted on this case.  You can then lie that Sorola did not pay you, and then the contravening witness will verify otherwise, Mary Esther Garcia Sorola.  She will not lose everything for her sad excuse of a husband.  Her mother Commissioner Sofia Benavides was against this marriage and will advice her daughter accordingly.

Sunday, October 25, 2015



Apparently enough evidence has been presented to the DOJ and FBI in Washington that the local offices of the FBI and DOJ are now part of the institutionalized corruption that changes can be expected. 

My source is telling me a decision has been made the local FBI and DOJ cannot be trusted.  The question has become how do they end the corruption without tainting the entire FBI and DOJ? 

My source is pretty reliable.  There are reliable people in both the federal and state law enforcement systems who have seen enough evidence of the collusion of corruption between local law enforcement and ties with the local FBI and DOJ, that they have taken it to the highest levels in Washington. 

How Washington will respond is anyone's guess.  They may not be able to fix the problems without doing irreparable damage to the DOJ and FBI.

What is important is Washington is onto the collusion between local law enforcement and the FBJ/DOJ.

All we can do now is sit and see what happens.

I suspect there will be quiet reassignments.  But with any luck Washington will decide they need to take down all parties involved.

I got my costume Friday in the mail.  I am set.  If the weather holds we are going to do a Halloween B-Day pool party for Bela.  It was suppose to be yesterday - but nature decided otherwise.  My house will be Halloween central.  The party will be done by 5 and the kids can stay and trick or treat in one of the best trick or treat neighborhoods in Brownsville - we go all out - or they can go home and trick or treat in their own neighborhood.  I will make sure I have after party food for the kids if they decide to stick around until the trick or treating starts.  I will sit on my tailgate at the front of the driveway in costume passing out candy for several hours.

I cannot wait.  I hope it does not rain.
Last night multiple times I experienced respiratory arrest.  The pressure on my bi-PAP is either 14-16 or 16-18.  Either way it is very high.  It is high enough to cause someone without experience using it to choke if they put on the mask.

Because of what is now a total of 5 pills over an hour and a half which I take to help me try and sleep, when they work I am out.  I woke up not breathing.  I could not even choke.  I sat up and I started to breath.  I put my head down, put back on the bi-PAP, and fell asleep right away because of the medicine.  Within seconds again I was not breathing.  Again I could not even choke.  - same routine  after falling asleep real fast again - again I woke up - this went on for maybe around 10-15 minutes.

I got up and did some research and I learned I was to drink something and walk around for a while.  I did.  I fell asleep until 9:30 a.m. when nature called.

Valley Baptist on an emergency basis was not even on the table.  They would have assigned the on call doctor while denying me access to my pulmonologist who I trust.  So tomorrow I will try and see if I can get an emergency appointment with him and pay with the money I have been saving for the roof.

If I go to the VA they will send me across the street for emergency testing.  This means Valley Baptist Harlingen which is a lot worse than Valley Baptist Brownsville.  Emergency room care is the most expensive form of care.  An emergency voucher to my pulmonologist is the best option in terms of cost and meaningful care - but there is no money.

Because of a lack of funding an emergency voucher from the VA could take weeks.  I am going on two weeks waiting on a voucher to see a specialist about the ongoing painful spasms of my diaphragm.  This could actually be the source of the respiratory arrest.  The increased dosage on the Lyrica could also be the cause.  I use Lyrica for neuropathy and to make me sleep.  The new dosage is based on the neuropathy.  Imagine a roller with sharp razors going over your outer thigh and then you will know what I am feeling when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I cannot even move my leg without enhancing the pain.

A specialist has been chosen for the diaphragm, but there is no funding for the VA Harlingen.  All of the vouchers are being delayed.

But the bottom line is I would rather play Russian Roulette on my life then allow any doctor in a Valley Baptist emergency room to attend to me. Without getting into privacy issues, I can tell you Valley Regional is no better.  The ER is a complete disaster.  The ward care at Valley Region seems better than Valley Baptist, but not by much.

Both hospitals emergency room doctors in the case of someone I know have refused to enter orders to allow the person's specialist to see him.  The first time he nearly died.  It was only after an AFIB and the ICU doctor had seen the attending was refusing the specialist access to the patient was the specialist allowed in.  By then the man was bleeding internally and an emergency colectomy had to be done at about 7 at night.  It was 30 days of dark ages medical care at Valley Baptists.  We have had the same emergency room experience at Valley Regional.  The specialist is fine, the problem is the ER doctors and attendings assigned by the hospitals refusing the specialist access to their patients.

You do not go into these hospitals unless your doctor has had you admitted.  This way the specialist is your doctor from square one.  It is still not safe because you are dependent on the medical staff carrying out the orders of your specialist.  I can tell your from experience that is even a challenge.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The case is a pro se case.  It is sad this man could not find an attorney to do this for him.  But the judge for now is allowing it to move along.  At least someone is fighting.  What is compelling are the facts of what he must endure for a simple urine test.
You must click on open this content in new window to see lawsuit.


The commissioners think the constables are going to vote for them because they got a 4% raise.  What many people do not know is commissioners court then took it away by raising their copays and copayments for health insurance.  The cons will never end.  It is fair to say no constable will be voting for an incumbent.

Further, constables at the court house protect the judges and their staff.  They are the first line of defense to insure the safety of those tasked to protect our judges and their staff.  Do they not deserve better than a wage which qualifies them for food stamps?

Shame on Commissioners Court - vote no on all of them.


To put this into context, Pretrial Diversion is nearly the same as having your case dismissed.  Saenz is using it in a coercive way to promote his office for purposes of reelection.

"We are thus faced with the question of whether the State may constitutionally require an individual to participate in the dissemination of an ideological message by displaying it on his private property in a manner and for the express purpose that it be observed and read by the public. We hold that the State may not do so. [430 U.S. 705, 714]   - "

See, Wooly v. Maynard

Lawyers are reporting that as a condition of pretrial diversion defendants must agree to place on the cars bumper stickers promoting DA Saenz's office, and thereby Saenz himself during this contested election period.

There is no dispute that probationers have some diminished rights as a condition of probation and the constitutionality of those diminished rights are reviewed under the lower standard of rational basis. However, when conditions of probation touch upon speech and in particular political speech, then strict scrutiny applies instead of a rational basis.  What is happening here is, if the probationer wants the benefit of pretrial diversion they must agree to promote the DA's office through a bumper sticker on their car, and thereby in effect the reelection of Saenz. 

I suggest someone create a counter bumper sticker for these probationers saying - "I oppose this unconstitutional compelled speech by the corrupt DA Luis Saenz." 

The Supreme Court clear has been clear, when the legitimate ends of the state concerning probation interact with compelled speech the standard of review is compelling state interest.  DA Saenz will lose this issue if the lawyers would just stand up to him.


DA Saenz is using taxpayer money to run his reelection.  He is placing large billboards all over the county promoting his office.  Now, as if that were not enough he is compelling probationers as a condition of probation to promote his office, which in effect means promoting him.

It is axiomatic that in First Amendment cases, especially involving criminal cases, a party may run to federal court to stop the compelled speech.  Any lawyer willing to do the research will have no problem getting into federal court subjecting Saenz to federal review.  Our federal judges are not stupid.  They will see what is happening.  They will see the abuse by Saenz of using taxpayer money to run his reelection campaign, and now probationers to promote his office and thereby himself during a contested election.  Saenz will lose the case.

The question is, is there an attorney in Cameron county willing to stand up for the probationers and file the federal lawsuit to stop this unconstitutional compelled speech?

If not, lets make sure every pretrial diversion defendant gets a counter bumper sticker which says:

 "I oppose this unconstitutional compelled speech by the corrupt DA Luis Saenz." 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In an enforcement action Luis Saenz has been ordered to produce the indictment of Rodney Mesquias or face suit.  Mr. Saenz refused to answer the open records request and has more than a week later after being ordered to produce the indictment continues to refuse to respond.

This case caught my eye because I noticed  $5,000 donation from Rodney Mesquias to Luis Saenz.

"A Cameron County grand jury indicted Rodney Mesquias, 39, on Nov. 12 on two counts of Medicaid fraud over $200,000. He was arrested Wednesday and released on $25,000 bond.
The charges followed an investigation by the attorney general's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, which alleges that Mesquias, who is not a licensed physician, employed a physician assistant to treat patients at the Well Care Clinic."

See full article

The criminal file on Rodney Mesquias is missing.  The nature of the charge and my complete research shows it is highly unlikely that the case would have been dismissed.  There either was or was not a supervising doctor.  The state prosecutes these cases and are not light on the defendants.
I have a greater investigation ongoing with complaints because of something which happened in the Hector Negrete case. That is the case Juanito and Sorola are claiming my nephew filed bogus criminal charges on.
The above is a Motion to Dismiss Hector Negrete's misdemeanor case some three months after he plead guilty and got time served.  Judge Betancourt saw through the scam and denied the motion.  The DA also cited my nephew's case which was dismissed on double jeopardy as a basis to dismiss this case on double jeopardy.
Had Judge Betancourt not seen through the scam then Hector Negrete would have been allowed to file for an expungement using the dismissal order signed three months after he plead guilty.  He did not get his way because Judge Betancourt saw through the scam.
This is not the only one.  I was told about this scam by an ADA being used by Saenz about a year ago .  I am a patient man.  Rodney Mesquias' file will be found and the truth will be learned.
DPS is aware of the scam.  They have the right to reopen any wrongfully expunged order. 
DA Saenz is clueless as to how open his ADA's are to speak with me, especially when they realize they are the ones who can go down if they do not tell the investigators the truth.  Saenz has a lot of ADA's.  They are talking.
The truth is out there and the BV will get to it.

Dear Krispy Kreme Ambassadors,
Krispy Kreme is happy to announce that we have a confirmed date for the Brownsville Grand Opening! The Grand Opening will take place on Tuesday November 3rd at 6am. The first 100 campers will receive free doughnuts for a year. Full details for campers are available on our website:

Our VIP Party will take place on Sunday November 1st from 4-6pm at our Brownsville Krispy Kreme location. We will be mailing you your invite later this week, and you should receive it by the beginning of next week. Please bring your VIP invite or wear your Ambassador shirt to get in to the party. Remember to bring a friend and get ready for some delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
Can’t wait to see you there!
Carly Dillon
Marketing Coordinator 

Well today was typical - by 1 p.m. I was in a near state of sedation and slept until nearly 5 p.m., with the exception of getting up for a few phone calls.  On the days when the fatigue hits there is nothing and I mean nothing I can do to stay awake.  But then there are other days I will not sleep for two days or more.  There is no clock in my head because the hypothalamus is not working.

Before going down I left a pound of Nicaraguan red beans [small] cooking in the slow cooker.  I had prepared the pork in my rub for pork stove top fajitas ready to go for later.

While dinner was cooking I mixed the oatmeal cookies.  I just follow the recipe on the Quaker box.

I put the batter to the side, ate dinner and then made just under 4 dozen cookies. 

They will go fast.  My roommate will take most to work in the morning. 

While I hate the fatigue and the fact some days I get nothing done, I love when I can make a good meal and squeeze in cookies.  While baking the cookies I cleaned the kitchen.  It is pool time and then getting ready for Hogan's Heroes on ME TV.

Governor Abbott has appointed the Honorable Missy Medary as the new Regional Administrative Judge which covers counties from Corpus through most of south eastTexas, including Cameron county.

I know a lot of judges and attorneys are waiting on orders from the Regional Administrative Judge.  Assignments of visiting judges should start within a day or two.

The Cameron County Bar welcomes its new Regional Administrative Judge Missy Medary.  We wish her the best in her difficult task of overseeing a region fraught with corruption. 

Note of clarification.  Juanito cannot deal in reality or facts.,  This was a simple post welcoming Judge Medary to her new post.  Nothing more nothing less.  But Juanito with the use of his trolls, have to make it into something nasty.  When I used the word WE it was in the context of the BV.  I can only speak for the BV and no one else.
I need to take care of something real fast.  But to a lawyer they all agree Judge Janet Leal could never have been involved in such unethical conduct. I am convinced she is a victim, but in recusal hearings the issue is not actual wrongdoing by the judge but appearance.
On the record she said she had nothing to do with the illegal phone call by someone allegedly from her court telling John Chambers' bond attorney to withdraw which would have lead to his rearrest.  It is not disputed John Chambers was told this by his bond lawyer.  It was recorded and the recording is before the court.  The question is who is lying and was it even a court official who made the call?
In the above pleading by CHAD PETER VAN BRUNT, San Antonio Counsel, verifies he has listen to the recording and that in fact Juan Mendiola did say he got a call from the court telling him to withdraw.  This would have meant the arrest of John Chambers.  Rene Flores has signed an affidavit denying ever discussing this matter with Mendiola.
We have two problems, why did Mendiola accept such a bizarre request from someone at the court and file a motion to withdraw without consulting his client first?  And was the person who actually made the call with the court?  In other cases the BV has already verified false phone calls to manipulate criminal cases.  The FBI needs to get Mendiola's phone records and determine who made the call, if at all.
The problem for Judge Janel Leal is, although by all accounts she is a victim of someone's game, the standard is appearance and not actual wrong doing.  She should recuse herself while taking the lead in demanding the FBI conduct an investigation into this matter.  This would make her the hero in the case because by her acts she will be standing up for the integrity of the judicial system in Cameron county,
But if she forces a hearing and loses, she could taint herself even though every attorney I have discussed this with has told me there is no way she could have been involved in this matter.  She is clearly a victim. 

The most interesting thing in all of this no one wants to speak of is Juanito is either going to die from liver failure or while driving drunk.  Oscar X. Garcia, Art McDonald, Alex Begum,  Abel Gomez, Louis Sorola and others all give him the money he needs to feed his drinking problem thereby expediting his death through liver failure.  Each of the gentlemen have so little regard for Juanito's children for their own personal gain they do not care if through their reckless actions they kill Juanito and leave his children without a father.  This is all anyone needs to know about  Oscar X. Garcia, Art McDonald, Alex Begum,  Abel Gomez, Louis Sorola, and others.
Unfortunately for Juanito for knowledge of the law he is dependent on Justice of the Peace Mary Esther Garcia Sorola and Louis Sorola.  His latest nonsense which has zero basis in reality or the law is that you must be a licensed lawyer to argue a person's case in JP court.  This is not the law. 
"(d) The rules adopted by the supreme court may not:
(1) require that a party in a case be represented by an attorney;" 
Click for JP Court Rule

This is the law the Texas Supreme Court was to follow when it wrote the new rules for JP Courts.  They cannot require that a party in a case be presented by a lawyer.

The Rules of Procedure actually clarify this.

"(c) Assisted Representation. The court may, for good cause, allow an individual representing himself or herself to be assisted in court by a family member or other individual who is not being compensated"

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 500.4

JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola may want to go back to class to learn the rules.


Brownsville has three JP's to choose from.  Mary Esther Garcia Sorola.  With Emilio Montes having JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola's husband before the State Bar she would have had to recuse herself immediately had Emilio Montes filed the claim in her court.  Juanito then would have written a story that he filed in Mary Esther's court to humiliate her.

Then there is Jonathan Gracia, I must admit I have forgotten more then I currently remember.  While it is true I can prove Gracia hates me, the real problem was, he at the time of the filing was the criminal defense lawyer for Justine Pointinger.  According to Juanito and Sorola Jonathan Gracia can proceed over a case against his own client.  Such brilliant legal minds Juanito and Sorola have.  They cannot get over the corruption mode because that is all they know.

DefendantPOINTINGER, JUSTINEFemale White
102 lbs

So with Mary Esther Garcia Sorola being disqualified because of the proceedings against her husband brought by Emilio Montes, and Jonathan Gracia being disqualified because you cannot be a judge over a case against your own client, that left only Linda Salazar.

Juantio cannot speak the truth because then he would have no money.  He lives to defame people for pay. More this week on Sorola's lies before the Commission on Judicial Conduct as proved by a court house video.  It clearly shows Sorola directing Juanito in front of former JP Erin Garcia's court which contradicts Juanito's story on the event and Sorolo's claims to the Commission on Judicial Conduct and his lie to the State Bar that he was appointed in open court to represent Hector Negrete after the court granted the motion of his court appointed attorney to withdraw.  The court documents which were sent to the State Bar show the former attorney filed her motion on August 5th, the court granted it on the 7th, and Sorola was not appointed until the 9th. So his written claim it all happened in one day is a lie.

08/05/2013  Motion
Motion to Withdraw as Counsel
08/07/2013  Motion
Motion for Continuance
08/07/2013  Order (Judicial Officer: Nelson, Arturo Cisneros )
Order -Granting Leticia Barguiarena's Motion to Withdraw as Attorney for defendant
08/09/2013  Announcement  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Nelson, Arturo Cisneros)
Result: Reset
08/09/2013  Journal Entry (Judicial Officer: Nelson, Arturo Cisneros )
State appeared, Mr. Louis Sorola appointed out of turn and requested a continuance, state not opposed. Case reset to 8/16/13 at 9 a.m

My nephew in the defamation lawsuit which is coming will be able to prove with the video Sorola lied about the Erin Garcia issue and his relationship with Juanito, he lied before the Commission on Judicial Conduct and he lied before the State Bar.,  No jury will believe a word he has to say.