Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Here is the more interesting question. Will federal Judge David L. Bunning of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, now do his job and hold this member of the Christian Taliban in contempt and put her in federal prison?  Understand under this form of contempt she holds the keys - the term is until she agrees to comply with the order.  So she can sit there for the remainder of her life [or impeachment from office], or until she agrees to comply with the court order.
This is about many things, but freedom of religion is not one of them.  Elected officials sit in a representative capacity of the state, and not as individuals.  The state has no religion.  Hence the state has no religious objection.  This case is about the Christian Taliban trying to take control of our government which has no religion and imposing on the people their religious beliefs.  This case is a direct attack on our constitution with the sole purpose of changing our society to fit the whims of a handful of Christian Taliban.
"A district judge could now hold Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt, which can carry steep fines or jail time.

She had argued that her faith prevented her from carrying out her duty.

But the US Supreme Court rejected her argument on Monday and ordered her to grant licences.
On Tuesday morning, two gay couples were turned away when they asked for marriage licenses.
Ms Davis stayed inside her office with the blinds closed as the couples demanded to see her.
She eventually came out, but she said she would not issue any licences. [for the grammar Nazi]

"Under whose authority?" she was asked. "Under God's authority," she said."

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The corporatists who fund the Republican Party have made it known they are at their limits with the Christian Taliban. 

The American people do not support the Christian Taliban - but the Republican presidential candidates play to them every day. 

The Republicans made this anti-American groups and are now paying the price.  Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which heavily funds Republicans have said any Republican who opposes lifting the embargo against Cuba will have to answer to a challenger funded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  This anti-Cuba group is yet another anti-American group the Republicans have created.

If federal Judge Budding fails to do his job and put this Christian Taliban in jail until she agrees to comply with the law, resign or is impeached, he is no better than she is.  This is not about faith.  It is about not allowing a small rogue group of anti-American Christian Taliban changing this country for the worse.  She can keep her faith by simply resigning.  If she resigns she cannot be held in contempt.

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