Monday, September 14, 2015


From CNN:

"An ordained reverend raised as a conservative Baptist admits to having a "man crush" on the guy. A rabbi long-steeped in the climate crisis credits him for mobilizing Jews to action. An imam from Syria thanks him for protecting his family and people.

Pope Francis may be the head honcho of the world's largest Christian church, but since he stepped into the papacy in March 2013, he's captured hearts across religious -- and even nonreligious -- lines."
His title as Pope Francis who oversees the Catholic church has become meaningless in the eyes of humanity as his message from Joshua aka Jesus transcends religious affiliation.
It may have taken 2000 years, but has the message of Joshua - not the mysticism and ritualism made by the church -  finally taken the front seat through the miracle of Pope Francis?
With all of the religious wars, and political nonsense it is truly a miracle that Francis on his message has so many diverse religious groups united, included atheists and agnostics.
I believe Pope Francis' up and coming visit to Cuba and the U.S. will change the Americas for the better.  I believe our right as U.S. Americans to travel freely to Cuba will come sooner than later.  Billions will flow into Cuba - billions which cannot but help the Cuban people. 

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