Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The great challenge in life is when you converge on two paths and you have to choose which one to take.  Sometimes a seemingly bad path can provide you a life time of lessons you would not have learned had you not taken the seemingly bad path.  Sometimes the more welcoming path can be a ruse.  It will cheat you of the lessons you need to better choose your paths later in life.

Rough seas build character and the strength to make the right choices at the most difficult of times. Those with a weak constitution avoid rough seas.  I learned the value of fatherhood by losing mine at age 5.  I learned the need for strong parents by knowing my parents, even though by age 19, I was without any parents - well except in spirit because as I type mom and dad are with me in every word.

Words are mere words which can be manipulated to mean anything.  This is why people who read for comma's are of low intellect.  Oh, mind you a good editor is important - but a good editor reads to edit, not to find fault in a dangling participle.  You must learn to read for substance if you are ever to grow.

A friend of some 39 years and I have been communicating every day after years of not saying a word to each other.  It is like our minds are of one, while also being distinct from the other. It is an odd experience.

I write for myself and no one else.  I do not presume my words matter to anyone but myself as a tool of intellectual development.  I am told by people in the business community and politicos they read my blog  because on occasion I have an idea which makes sense or it makes them think.  I most certainly do not write for those starved for gossip.

Blogging on days require you take the wrong path. You have to choose - do I please the gossip starved readers I do I please myself.

Well, my path today is to please myself. 

I need to push the envelope on my critical thinking.  I need to finish several books including the rereading of Blackstone.  You know who you are and again, thank you.    I will somehow buy a hard copy of the Digest of Justinian
1. Ulpianus, Book I, Institutes.
Those who apply themselves to the study of law should know, in the first place, from whence the science is derived. The law obtains its name from justice; for (as Celsus elegantly says), law is the art of knowing what is good and just.

 As the link shows, I can read it on the Internet, but it is not the same as reading it from a book and taking notes on a yellow legal pad.  After all it is the law I am reading, not the Internet.  The Internet will be good for the copy and paste.

As to Lord Coke it seems I have to buy a set of Kings Bench decisions for the years he was on the Bench.  I will find a set.  Years ago I read all of Justice Coke's opinions at the SMU library.  I also read the Constitutional Minutes for the U.S. Constitution.  I actually know what was said during the debates.

So I choose my path.  At times the seas will be rough, and in the long run good.  Some times they will be calm and allow for reflection before again hitting rough seas.

I will not explain but I now better understand why a mistress of knowledge is so much more rewarding than a mistress founded on sex.  Everyday I meet a new challenge.

Oh with Autumn upon us, I thought this picture of converging paths is most appropriate.  Autumn is odd for me.  Some say Spring is renewal, but I say it is in fact Autumn.  It is in our Autumn years we finally realize how little we know and how far we still have to go.

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