Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Listen as she yells out her step dad is beating her mother. Listen when she says he just knocked out her 4 year old sister.

 Lisa's full story and short 911 call are on PADA.

Cameron County DA Luis Saenz and Brownsville Police Chief Rodriguez do not care. The abuser continues to walk free. Even though Saenz was provided all of the information needed to get a Domestic Abuse Restraining Order against the abuser without the assistance of the abused mother, he has refused. Where is Emma Perez Treviño covering this story? No where because Saenz's little slut Melissa Zamora Landin has not released a press release for Emma to copy and paste and then call journalism.

The victim is on SSI for mental health disability and cannot defend herself.  She is not mentally competent to make a decision concerning prosecution.  Any psychologist who were to examine her would agree her mental illness makes her a danger to herself because of her inability to defend herself from the abuser. 


"The victim has to go into court and stand in front of the judge and tell the judge she doesn’t want to proceed with the case."

From the Herald:

Can you imagine - these women are scared to death and Saenz perhaps the biggest abuser himself make the women stand before the judge - women who are fearing for their life and say they do not want to press charges.

This is not the law. Saenz simply needs to prosecute without the victim.  This is the law.  But no - he parades these abused women before the court to use as cover for his support of domestic abuse.

Saenz's admits to knowing the law but ignores it when he parades these abused scared women before the judge.

“The ultimate decision (on whether to prosecute) is the prosecutor’s, but we try to honor the request of the victim,” he said"  Honor the request of the victim who says she deserves to be beaten.  Just how mentally ill is Luis Saenz?


":He said a priority is to reach out to the alleged victim as soon as possible."

The case I have identified wherein officer Martinez outright lied in his report - a lie verified by the 911 call and witness, has not seen any action by Saenz.  The abuser continues to engage in criminal trespass in the victim's home thereby exposing the victim to loss of her housing voucher.  It is not enough for Saenz she was beaten to a pulp - he wants her to lose her housing voucher by not acting on the case.

Saenz is so mad at me he will allow this woman to be abused again while left homeless with her three children.

Saenz has everything he needs to secure the Domestic Abuse Restraining order - he refuses - his office has not so much as contacted the victim or any of the witnesses.

It is all lies and Emma Perez-Teviño was willing to print it because copy and paste is all she is good at.

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