Thursday, September 3, 2015

The video is actually excellent.  I am using it as research in my work on the Social Construct and women in society.
The video is long, but the 911 call from the child starts at minute 3. You really should watch the entire video to understand the problem, but at least listen to the short 911 audio from the little girl calling for her mom.
"Art. 5.06. DUTIES OF PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS AND COURTS. (a) Neither a prosecuting attorney nor a court may:
(1) dismiss or delay any criminal proceeding that involves a prosecution for an offense that constitutes family violence because a civil proceeding is pending or not pending; or
(2) require proof that a complaining witness, victim, or defendant is a party to a suit for the dissolution of a marriage or a suit affecting the parent-child relationship before presenting a criminal allegation to a grand jury, filing an information, or otherwise proceeding with the prosecution of a criminal case.
(b) A prosecuting attorney's decision to file an application for a protective order under Chapter 71, Family Code, should be made without regard to whether a criminal complaint has been filed by the applicant. A prosecuting attorney may require the applicant to provide information for an offense report, relating to the facts alleged in the application, with a local law enforcement agency.
Saenz has been given the police report which details the domestic abuse case I have been profiling.  He also has the 911 call.  Officer Martinez outright lies in the report to run cover for the fact he refused to arrest the accused abuser.  Officer Martinez says the cousin of the victim told him the victim made no out cry to her.  Well the 911 call proves officer Martinez is a liar.  His own report details what happened.  If the victim did not tell the cousin who is the only other adult with the officer and the victim, then where did the officer get the information for the report?  Officer's like Martinez lie because he can.  He knows Chief Rodriguez will not investigate or take any action for an officer falsifying a report.
Other than Saenz having no interest in Domestic Abuse, there is no explanation as to why he has not sought out at least a protective order to protect the victim.  He has the names of the witnesses.  He has the names of the witnesses who protected the victim from her alleged abuser when he went to the victim's mother's home several hours later to demand she return to her home with him.
By law he cannot be in the home.  He has been asked to leave and will not.  This is what started the last abuse session. She is on housing and can lose her voucher because of his criminal trespass.  Saenz knows this and has no problem with a mother of three being thrown to the street because he refuses to seek the Domestic Abuse Restraining order which does not required the assistance of the alleged victim.  There are enough witnesses to justify the restraining order.
Saenz will not act.  He has never had any real concern for the victims of Domestic Abuse, but he can rely on Melissa Landin and Emma Perez-Trevino to lie for him, so why should he care.
For his refusal to comply with the law he can expect a State Bar complaint.
Jessica Tetreau is my commissioner and the commissioner for the victim.  I made the mistake of asking that she get ahold of the police supervisor on duty, or Chief Rodriguez to instruct officer Martinez that he was wrong in demanding the victim sign a complaint.  This is not the law in Texas - see above.  She assured me she would do it right away so that the abuser would be arrested.
When I learned she outright lied to me I put word out to people I would handle her.  I told people I knew who would call her and tell her I was mad.
This is the text message which was sent to me.  It has been saved for processing and use in in criminal investigation as to whether or not she used her position as a city commissioner to protect her employee who had been complaining he was not getting paid his hours at the Car Wash,
"Just woke up from a nap... Noni wasn't able to find his number and he is out of office until Monday>
In the future she might want to ask one of her children to google Brownsville Police Department to get the number.  The idea she is a city commissioner and does not know how to get ahold of the police, is telling.  It says she lied and ran cover for her employee.  I personally believe she ran cover for him to keep him from filing a wage complaint over not being paid.  As the BV has already profiled, a federal jury found the Car Wash liable to 4 employees who were cheated out of wages.
This is not going away.  I have been instructed to prove DA Saenz has everything he needs to act and he refuses .  Everything is a step at a time.

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