Wednesday, September 2, 2015


PADA seeks to educate its readers that you can go from being mentally ill and recover from being a victim.  This video is best if you watch the entire 8+ minutes.  It begins with where she is now - healed and then turns to an old video which describes her journey into domestic abuse and out of it.  Central to the video is the mental health component.

Ask yourself why the Brownsville Police and DA Saenz have never taken the time to promote education in domestic abuse.  The answer is simple - it is not important - they mention it for lip service with no real educational program to empower the victims both women and men.


I have lab work at 8 a.m. in Harlingen.  My hormone levels require constant monitoring.   I then have a dental cleaning, and them off to Valley Regional to spend the day with a family member who appears to be looking at another longer term stay.  I will check in when time permits.


I'm tired guys.  I spent two hours in Congressman Vela's office on Tuesday.  He has surrendered helping veterans and his staff is a joke.  My brother's claim has now been terminated twice because I complained.  According to Congressman Vela this is acceptable conduct - it is not.

My brother has tumors on his brain which are the source of his endless mini-strokes which have left him bedridden.   He did 25 years in the Army with two tours in Vietnam.  The VA has already linked his stroke to agent orange.  I am simply trying to increase his rating so he can receive better care. There is a new medication he will be given access to which will shrink the brain tumors and make his life more comfortable.

This is not about money.  He has more money in his retirement with more coming in every month than the average college graduate who is also 77 years old.  I think this is pretty good for a high school drop out who got his GED in the Army.

Congressman Vela relies 100% on his inept staff.  I gave up on his staff Tuesday to challenge the claim of the VA liaison - James Foster that if the veteran lives in California but the guardian lives in NY, the veteran must be transported to NY for his medical exam.  Congressman Vela is so inept as a lawyer he cannot see the absurdity in this and challenge it.  You are simply told the liaisons are gods not to be challenged.  Congressman Vela and his staff have never heard of Google - it took me 2 seconds to find what I post below on the issue. 

VA Regulations clearly state he is to receive his examination at the closet facility where he lives, not where the guardian lives.  Further it clearly states that the exam is to be done at the facility where the veteran receives services.  In my brother's case this would be Lufkin.  They can also have his neurologist to conduct the examination right there in the nursing home.  Because of the pain,, he must be sedated to be medically transported to his neurologist across the street. 

b.  Appropriate Examination Facility
An appropriate examination facility is a VA examination facility or contract examination provider, that can complete the examination(s) required by the specific claim.
Regional Offices (ROs) have the flexibility to request an examination from the VA Medical Center (VAMC) or designated contract provider closest to where the claimant lives or receives regular medical treatment.
References:  For more information on
·   requesting Veterans Health Administration (VHA) examinations in the geographic jurisdiction of another RO, see M21-1, Part III, Subpart iv, 3.A.1.d
·   jurisdiction for examinations of foreign resident beneficiaries, see M21-1, Part III, Subpart iv, 3.A.1.c
·   jurisdiction for examinations of reserve component participants in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), see M21-1 Part III, Subpart I, 2.D.28.c
·   examinations of employees who work at an examining facility, see M21-1, Part III, subpart ii.1.C.5, and
·   examinations of VA-employee claimants, see M21-1 Part III, subpart iv, 3.B.1.b.


Congressman Vela is like every other member of Congress, when the story hits the Washington Post he shows his face and says he cares.  Then immediately after he ignores the veterans.  His staff considers the VA Liaison to be infallible.  His is not - his written email that I must transport my brother 18 hours roundtrip to Harlingen from for north east Texas is absurd. It goes against the plain language of the regulations.  Congressman Vela's position is clear.  They exist to protect the inept staff at the VA while saying FUCK YOU to the veterans.  They will not challenge the liaison on his incompetence and simply leave the veteran fucked - which is why I say FUCK you Congressman Vela.

Congressman Vela has made clear he does not give a FUCK that twice now the VA has cancelled the claim in retaliation for me fighting them on this issue. I have fax transmittal sheets which show I have sent all properly executed documents to the VA twice.  Congressman Vela has it all - including years of MRI;s which show the tumors growing and increasing the TIA's which have now left my brother 100% an invalid.  He is dying a horrible painful death because I cannot get him help.

Congressman Vela's office refuses to even demand an investigation as to why my brother's claim has been cancelled twice.  I have letters acknowledging me as his representative, but yet again because I complained again I am told they cannot find any of the paperwork.

Congressman Vela's office has been clear - demanding an investigation is not his job.  I was told three times these VA liaisons exist to protect veterans and the VA from unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of veterans.  I have not received a penny for my work for helping my brother.  In fact three emergency trips personally cost me $1,800.  And you know what, I will bankrupt myself making the trips because he my brother.

It took me 47 hours to clear the title on his manufactured home because the lawyers at the Texas Department of Housing - Manufactured Homes are inept.  After I forced them to actually read the law with me they were willing to admit they were wrong and changed the title of the home to the new owners.  Oh but it does not end there, the third title company has been fired because they will not clear title on the land.  There is no problem other than complete incompetence.  They can produce no liens or cloud on the title to his land. Their issue is they have no legal right to rely on a court order signed by a probate judge in 1998.  A Houston title  company with real and competent lawyers will clear title on the land and finally close the deal in 2 weeks. 

He served 25 years with two tours in Vietnam and is now dying a painful horrible death from agent orange which the VA has verified.  After 10 months of trying to get his rating increased, at this time there is no longer even a claim.  I was told on Tuesday the documents as scanned by the VA into the system are not readable and they do not have the originals so there is no claim to process.

Congressman Vela like his racist wife Rose who won her seat on the Court of Appeals by running a racist Willie Horton ad against her opponent can rot in hell.  They are FUCKING self serving liars.

When a liaison just starts to make up rules and demand people complete the wrong  forms - yes he has insisted I resubmit the claim again using the wrong form so that the reviewer will reject it because I used the wrong form.

CONGRESSMAN VELA - you know what a real caring human being does at this point. They personally get on the phone with the White House Liaison and demand a full investigation and an expediting of the claim or he will take it to the press and defend the dying veteran.

Congressman Vela's office has verified for me private doctors have complained they are no longer being paid by the VA because there is no money.  Private doctors are now refusing veterans services.  Dental care other than basic dental care has all been cancelled because a clerk wrote a policy which says the VA only pays what Medicare pays.  Medicare does not pay dental.  So if you are a veteran and had you jaw blown away and need specialized dental care you cannot get it.

You know what a real Congressman would do rather than take a Congressional Break - he would stand on the stairs of the Capital Building and call a press Conference and call out the President and the Secretary of the VA - but no Congressman Vela needs to play nice with those abusing veterans.  Fuck you and your racist wife Vela. Had you really cared you would have called a press conference demanding Congress stay in session until the funding problems were fixed.

To end this, I say to you Congressman Vela and your inept staff FUCK OFF and rot in hell.  God has a place for honorable veterans, but not lying con artist racists Republican Congressman who falsely claim they are Democrats so they can take power to lie to the very people who gave us our  freedom.

To anyone who does not like my language I say FUCK OFF - AND DO NOT COME BACK TO THE BV.

Our next step is to sue the Secretary of the VA while documenting Congressman Vela's complete failure as a Congressman and lies towards veterans. He shamelessly invites the older veterans to be display items to make himself look good while doing nothing for them.


It is time for frank discourse with no room for niceties.

Donald Trump was dead wrong for how he characterized Senator McCain's military service - but he was spot on when describing Senator McCain's and every other 534 members of congress when it comes to actual action to fix the VA system. So to all 535 of you FUCK OFF and stop using veterans for your own ends when in fact we know not a one of your actually care.

Unless you can give me an ounce of proof how niceties with the 535 members of congress has gotten anything fixed at the VA, the FUCK OFF because your comments will not get through.


Anonymous said...

I will support Trump because he has never been an elected official! Vote for a democratic or main stream republican and u will get more of this. They r all the same!

BobbyWC said...

While I would never vote for him, I clearly understand this is Trump's trump card. People will vote for him based on his no more niceties and the BS platform.

Bobby WC