Friday, September 4, 2015


I can assure you this type argument will not make it past a judge before the case is sent to a jury.


"Investigators have arrested Ruben Torres and charged him with killing Estrada during June 2007.

“We suspect that the body was at some point moved from one place to another,” Saenz said. “So we believe the evidence will show that she was murdered and that she is dead.”

The District Attorney’s Office worked with the Harlingen Police Department to close the case."

This is shameless publicity for reelection using people's loss of loved ones.  Saenz is a man without a heart or soul.

If you think this is anything but a publicity con consider the end of the video.  He speaks of how loved ones want closure for their murdered family members.  Well unless before Saenz took office and then he orders the case of his client dismissed whose actions resulted in the death of Maria Fidela Garza.


The BV has profiled the injustice of how a women who was a fugitive from justice had her case effectively dismissed.  The first time was immediately after Saenz took office even though he had never withdrawn from the case as Sandra Blanco's attorney.

The second time was under Ed Cyganiewicz.  He agreed with defense counsel, Louis Sorola, to a Cold Plea before Judge Euresti, who proceeded to give her probation.

This case is far from over.  There is a federal investigation.  Sandra Blanco's roommate stated very clearly to me Sandra Blanco stated she paid $3000 to get the case dismissed.  Louis Sorola was court appointed so the money did not go to him - it had to have gone to someone else - someone with the ability to allow cases to be effectively dismissed.

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When you watch the video you are compelled to ask - just how stupid are the reporters when they fail to challenge Saenz on statements like WE SUSPECT"  "SO WE BELIEVE".

Valley Central such as the Herald are worthless with thimble-minded reporters who will never amount to anything.


Anonymous said...

And who could be an alternative to Saenz and Masso... suggestions?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea - but it will take someone who can raise money fast and who will immediately come out against LNG. Once Saenz or someone else comes out against LNG, Masso losses SPI, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista and every one in Brownsville against LNG.

Anyone who loses SPI, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista cannot win. This makes the Benavides/Rosenbaum race interesting. While it is not the issue I want to decide the race, if Benavides were to come out against LNG, Rosenbaum loses before she begins.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why would Saenz come out against or for LNG? The issue of LNG has nothing to do with the position of the DA.

BobbyWC said...

You are wrong - Emilio Sanchez, father to Robert Sanchez was arrested and taken to Brazoria County to answer for water pollution charges.

Believe it or not Texas does have pollutions laws.

Second, what does Lincoln Park have to do with being DA - nothing - unless as a DA making yourself a plaintiff you disqualify yourself from prosecuting Rose Gowan

It is called political capital. If Saenz makes clear LNG will be strictly overseen for violation of the pollution laws, he gains points and Masso loses points. I agree Masso is in an impossible position , but he will lose SPI, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista if Saenz acts first

Politics is about votes not the better candidate

Bobby WC