Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My quest bathroom had a child's toilet in it and it was really time to put in a full size toilet.  The water conservation toilet which qualifies for the $50 rebate is $100 at Lowes.  Now normally I would install the toilet myself, but the old one had problems at the connection so I paid a plumber $60 to make the repair.  But still with the toilet and installation it cost me $110.00  I have replaced the other two toilets in my home without any problems.  But in these older homes you never know what you are going to find when you get to the cast iron flange.
I also found out I will get $500 back on the $2000  I am spending on the French doors to replace the three sliding glass doors.  I am going energy efficient on those also.  I just have to wait for Lowes to go with the 12 months interest free.  Their interest rates change weekly.  The second they have 12 months interest free I will buy the doors and have them installed.  I will have 12 months to pay off $1,500 interest free, while my utility bill continues to go down.  The doors also improve the look of the home thereby increasing its value.
People you can keep on complaining about your bill, or go energy efficient.  My first bill for August 4 years ago was over $500.00.  The bill I got last week for August was $355.00. For a 2000 square foot house, with a pool pump which runs 10 hours a day, $355 for electricity, water, sewage and trash is very, very reasonable.  But I have invested in energy efficiency.
You can be proactive or just keep on complaining.  This month because the rain came early and I used less air conditioning, my bill was only down $39 from the previous year.  But hey $39.00 is $39.00.


Anonymous said...

We replaced every window in our house and one sliding glass door with best Home Depot has for over $15,000. Found out too late about the rebate so couldn't get it. Have saved a lot since last spring. Well worth it.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for verifying for me readers that by being proactive your bill can also go down. I missed the deadline on my solar screens. Never again - every energy efficiency thing I do I will get the form first to make sure I do everything right.

Bobby WC