Friday, September 18, 2015

I manage my brothers affairs.  We finally found a buyer for his home.  They already live in the home.  It took me 47 hours to clear the title on his manufactured home because the idiots in the State office of Manufactured Housing took the position they do not recognize the state of Texas.  Well their lawyers agreed Texas does recognized Texas after I sent them the draft lawsuit.  I have POA on my brother so  am allowed to so such things.
We have been through 4 Title companies.  One and two refused to recognized the Texas Statutory Power of Attorney created by the State of Texas.  So they were fired.  Number three would only agree to close the deal if he were allowed as a non doctor to review all my brother's medical records and speak with his doctors.  He was fired as mentally deranged . The company fired today is demanding I have a mentally incompetent person who has no personal knowledge of anything sign an affidavit of heirship before they close the deal. 
Our step mother never probated the Will of her husband who died in 1991.  A Will which I have clearly gives her his half of the property upon his death.  The land and house were community property.  In 1998, a probate judge declared her the owner of the land and house as part of the process of probating the Will, and the executor as grantor deeded .36 acres to my brother.  The Title company claims the judge had no right to admit the Will to Probate and the deed is bad and that the land belongs to the estate in part to our late step mother's late husband.  These people would all be over 110 years old at this point.  There is  no one who knows anything about our step mother's last husband.
The title company asked that we have an interested party just fill in with any information a questionnaire for an affidavit of heirship.  This would be fraud.  Further, I personally know the person is not mentally competent.  I told them this and they are like, no big deal "just have them sign."  I will not allow my brother to be party to fraud.  So I have lost several hours yesterday, and three hours today. 
We have asked the buyers who have lived in the home for a month rent free to accept a simple warranty deed.  Otherwise they will have to either pay rent or move out.  Mind you this .36 acres at issue is probably worth less than $500.  It is in the middle of no where in East Texas.  Now his land which he bought outright from our step mother and her husband does have value.
It is time I make money - so unless there is a breaking story - I will not be back today.  I am watching the Victor Garcia story closely.

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