Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We are past the point wherein Sofia Benavides and Carlos Masso should publicly be saying no to LNG. They are not going to do it.

The race for County Judge and Commissioners should be about how we turn Cameron county into a metroplex.  It should be about Cameron county taking control of the weir dam project so we have a water policy for the entire county.  It is clear our inept feckless city commission will never lead on anything.

On the weir dam there is both federal and state money available to build the dam now.  Remember a dam holds back water as well as releases water.  We need to use the Space X advantage we have to access the money for the weir dam.  Nothing in the rule book says we have to hold back enough water to reach downtown.  We simply hold back enough to accommodate Space X.  Once the dam is built and Mexico sees its benefits, they may finally get on board to expanding it to downtown - and then we will have a very active downtown with river boats - such as we had a long time ago.

But no - none of these important issues will be raised.  Anyone for LNG will find it hard to win as SPI, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista votes against anyone supporting LNG. This impacts the county judge race, and commissioners Benavides and Garza


Carlos Masso is set to turn over the election to Saenz over the LNG issue.  He knows he cannot win without SPI, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista, but yet remains silent.  It is time the Port Commissioners put out a policy statement, the Port will not allow for the development of LNG unless the companies secure the consent of Brownsville, SPI, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista.  This ends it.  The Commissioners are not directly saying no the LNG, they are saying to the LNG companies if they want to come they need the support of the surrounding communities. 

Without that support, there will be no LNG.  The support will never happen.  This is an easy out for the Port Commissioners.  But this is Cameron county where providing the Port Commissioners a compromised position which effectively ends LNG, is of no use.  They want LNG and that is that - the voice of the people be damned.


Anonymous said...

Enough about the weir dam already, it is not going to happen. Brownsville had its shot and PUB and Pat Ahumada ruined that project. For all the people that are out there and have not figured it out already, let me say this real slow....port, commissioners, all of them, support, LNG. Did I go slow enough for you? The port HA been collecting rent rrom the LNG prospective companies to the tune of over one million dollars from these companies....for the land they plan to build on....all commissioners voted for that. They all agreed to rent to LNG companies when they were approached.....what more of a public support of a project do you want. No one will come out public ally and say they are against it at the port....they have already approved it by taking their rent money!

BobbyWC said...

First of all there are officials looking at the weir dam and federal funding tied to Space X - that ship has not sailed.

It is true, when they agreed to rent the space they said yes - but politics is politics - when power is challenged people change their mind or look for a way out of a previous position.

But like I said in my closing - not these Port Commissioners they will hold to their detriment. They simply do not get it.

The other side is, without tax abatements, the LNG will not come - so in the end the school districts may decide this. Telling the taxpayers as school district trustees they will walk away from millions of dollars of tax money while our teachers have to buy their own supplies, is not how you get elected or reelected.

The key may be just fighting at the tax abatement level - without tax abatements they will not build

Bobby WC