Friday, September 11, 2015


Disclaimer:  This did not happen in Cameron county.  The substance of the headline is how DA Saenz's policy on Domestic Abuse leads to the death and continued victimization of the abused women and men.

This video is compelling because a man is the victim, and it was the act of a third party who saved him from brutal abuse. This is what DA Luis Saenz fails to understand. The victims cannot protect themselves. This is why the law provides for the DA to prosecute the abuser without the consent of the abused. In this video without the help of the third party this man may very well have been killed. This is lost on DA Luis V. Saenz

Click for Parents Against Domestic Abuse and very short but graphic video of violence against this man.  The physical evidence is overwhelming.  Because a 3rd party was willing to intervene to help this man because he could not help himself, he is alive today.  Consider the permanent damage to his body where he was repeatedly hit with a hammer.

I can assure my readers all of this is lost on Saenz and his inept staff who oversee the Domestic Abuse unit.  Where is Emma Perez Trevino now that the truth is out - oops - Saenz's little "It is my job to promote Domestic Abuse" Melissa Zamora Landin has not issued a new press release to explain while promoting Domestic Abuse is the right thing to do.

All Emma Perez Trevino has to do is call any national organization and tell them about Saenz's policy of forcing these victims to tell the judge they do not want to see their abuser prosecuted and she will get an earful which will take down Saenz, Landin and Saenz's entire staff overseeing Domestic Abuse cases.

Oh yes, no copy and paste reporting from a telephone call.

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