Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This morning I am getting caught up on some reading before starting my regular blogging.  I do have yesterday's court issue which is by all accounts startling.

In any given month I probably read more than most U.S. Americans read in their entire lifetime.  My interests range from neuro-biology to historical fiction.  I read a lot of books an archeological finds in terms of Biblical stories.  Most of my sources are from Israeli universities since most Biblical stories originate in Judea.  You would be surprised on how many Jewish archeologists now find the Old Testament to be a political book to justify the actions of the winners, while defaming the losers.

The Bible and the archeological finds prove that the tribes of Judea warred against one another in part over the issue of one god or many gods.  Of course since the tribe which believed in one god won in the end, the Old Testament teaches Judaism is a faith of one god.   But archeological evidence and the Bible itself prove otherwise.


Once you have read enough on so many subjects you realize bias so overwhelms everything written that cross sourcing everything you consider important is key to trying to get to some semblance of the facts.


At this point I believe everyone agrees the abortion video she referenced during the last debates does not actually exist.  This reality has formed a basis to attack and distraction people from the substantive issue of late term abortions.

I have never hidden the fact I believe, and the evidence supports my position, the True Left abhors abortion.  We do not fine pick the concept of life in order to otherwise justify a political position. 

Historical fiction is an excellent tool for teaching history.  Maybe the events in the book did not happen as described in the book, but they did happen somewhere to someone.  We know for a fact aborted fetuses are born alive sometimes and left to die, without the mother being informed.

In today's world I do not understand why men are expected to keep condoms on hand as responsible men, but women are not expected to keep emergency contraception on hand as responsible women.  It is available over the counter.  It is no more embarrassing to buy emergency contraception than it is to buy condoms.  If a young lady gets drunk in college or elsewhere and makes the mistake of having unprotected sex, popping emergency contraception solves the problem even before conception. 

But the press which controls the conversation will not allow for this type discussion.  A women who is raped is no longer even required to run to the emergency room if she so chooses, she can simply pop a pill and end any chance of conception.  But no, it is easier to wait 3-6 months and then run for an abortion claiming rape.

Carly Fiorina is taken to task for describing that which can be taken from several videos as opposed to one.  Because at a substantive level what she is describing has been seen or heard somewhere as opposed to on one video, it somehow all becomes a lie.  No it is not a lie, just the press editing the truth to void a truth which they know the American people oppose - late term abortion

From the Los Angeles Times:

"We're also often informed that the videos weren't merely "edited" but "highly edited." Left out of such caveats is that the news reports passing along these descriptions come via highly edited newspapers, radio and TV programs"

Jonah Goldberg of the LA Times makes a valid point.  Why is it acceptable for the fake American Left news media to highly edit what someone on the fake Right says so as to make a point, but wrong for anyone else to edit?  Answer they are con artists.

Read the LA Times piece - it really puts into perspective how unreliable the news media really is. You see, if someone takes from 10 videos everything on the video mentioned by Fiorina and edited them together, with each statement on the video being accurate the fake Left would have attacked it as edited - but this is exactly what they do.  Sometimes for a story you must edited the words of different people or scenes into one video to tell a true story.  But when it is done concerning an issue the fake Left hates, editing becomes a sin.

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