Thursday, September 24, 2015


"Passed 409-0, the measure hikes cost-of-living adjustments for benefits offered through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) to keep up with inflation. Social Security benefits receive similar cost-of-living adjustments that occur automatically."

Source The Hill

Those voting for the COLA increase included Congressman Vela

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There will be no COLA increase for 2016, so the vote to increase veteran disability payments was just a con job to make Congress look good.

USA Today

The government estimate on a COLA 2016 raise just two weeks after Congress's misleading bogus vote. No COLA


Why do politicians lie to veterans? - because they can. 

Although by all appearances my prostate is as healthy as can be and functions like an 18 year old's, it has become quite large - based on a CT scan.  This is probably caused by the Androgel. My PSA remain very stable at .9 or lower.  I drink at least two gallons of water between 9 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and never wake up to go to the bathroom and sometimes do not urinate when I wake up.

But because my prostate has gotten so large the VA wants me to see a urologist.  The wait is 3 months.  It was two months, but then the urologist decided to take vacation that week so I was rescheduled.  Millions are owed to local doctors so it is nearly impossible to find a local specialist to see you.  Plus how do I know if they are even any good?

I have access to Vets Choice. I am researching urologists in McAllen.  If I can  find one who I believe I can trust, I will use Vets Choice instead of the VA.  The VA is not doing enough to recruit enough doctors.

The VA Harlingen desperately needs a walk in PA or nurse practitioner.  Veterans can wait 8 hours to see their doctor as a walk in after the lab, x-rays and the pharmacy are already closed.  A PA or nurse practitioner can triage the walk in veteran and in most cases resolve the problem or at least have labs, or possible x-rays done before the vet is seen by the doctor.

The VA refuses to do the proper recruiting. 

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