Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The press has declared an absolute news blackout on the case of Victor Garcia, Saenz's nephew by marriage. There still is no DWI charge filed.  Saenz owns the press and they dare not cross him.  Masso fails to understand the press will never cover the truth.  Without a competent honest press, the people have no way of knowing the truth.

There is no meaningful anti-Saenz movement.  Yes, groups and even clans of family will vote for anyone but Saenz, but their numbers are not large enough to overcome the fact Saenz owns the inept press.  He can release any lie he wants to the press and they will copy and paste it as truth.  He has the local news media running his campaign for free, and this reality is lost on Masso and his supporters.

A lot of people have told Masso he needs to stop the nonsense and come out against LNG. He will not. He has made up his mind with the news media running Saenz's campaign for him, and SPI, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista in all likelihood voting against him, he can win.  He cannot.

My view is Masso has accepted defeat and is just going through the motions.  Why is he is not before the cameras taking the lead on the Victor Garcia story or Saenz's failed policies on Domestic Abuse.  With virtually no effort at all organizations which work with abused women will agree Saenz's policy of putting the women before the judge to say they do not want to prosecute is a form of abuse in and of itself.  Where is Masso?  Dead silent.

Saenz is not going to implode because he has the 100% backing and protection of the DOJ and FBI.  They asked him to not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente.  This was 100% against what the DOJ represented to the jury in the Villalobos case.  If they indict Saenz he goes public and the repercussions could be massive to include the impeachment of federal judge Robert Pittman, who was the US Attorney over the Villalobos case at the time.

So guys, here is the reality, you can have a video of Saenz taking a bribe and admitting on the video it is a bribe and the DOJ and FBI will not act.  It will take a full page open letter to US Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch in the Washington Post demanding action before a Special Prosecutor is assigned to investigate the local DOJ and FBI for their role in this mess.  That my friends if I remember depending on the day is $12 to $20 thousand dollars.

So let it go people - Saenz wins Masso loses - why? - because Masso is waiting for the immaculate election and it is not coming.  With a corrupt electoral system, an inept press, and a corrupt DOJ and FBI, the truth will be silenced, and corruption will rule.


Anonymous said...

How in God's name do you want Masso to come out for LNG if he already agreed to lease them land? Are you insane? They voted to rent all the LNG applicants you want them to reject them? They will sue the pants off of the port you idiot! You do not get it do you?

BobbyWC said...

It amazes me how people like you even know how to breath. Where have I ever even hinted Masso or the Port Commissioners should go back on the leases? It has never happened except in your mind.

Nothing prevents Masso from saying upon further reflection he has decided LNG is not right for our area.

Here is a shocker for your - such a statement is not a vote by the Port Commissioners.

No one expects to Port Commissioners to breach a lease agreement which is in compliance. It would never even be put on the agenda. For such an agenda item the lawyers would have to be solid in their agreement the LNG's violated the terms of the lease.

A man merely speaking his mind is not a public vote - God how you even know to breath blows my mind.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Nothing prevents Masso from saying upon further reflection he has decided LNG is not right for our area."

This statement could be used by the LNG lawyers to sue the pants off the port. The attorneys for LNG will say, "Mr. Masso, you were OK charging us rent, but now you think we should not be here? It blows my mind you, a man that knows the law can not see the fall out this would have.

BobbyWC said...

There is absolutely no reality to what you are saying, LNG cannot sue the Port because someone associated with the Port says LNG is not right for us. What world do you live in. You obviously are determined to used incredibly flawed argument to protect LNG. So long as Masso takes no action to stop the leases he has done nothing wrong. Landlords regret tenants all of the time, but so long as they abide by the terms of the lease the landlord is free to express how they feel.

Bobby WC