Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This is not just about the adult male or female victim.  This is why the law was changed to put the power to prosecute in the hands of the DA and not the victim.  Who is speaking for the children?  Certainly not DA Luis Saenz.
In Arkansas educating the children is mandatory.  It teaches them what normal looks like.  It teaches young children that touching is wrong.  It teaches young adults as they enter the dating age the signs of Domestic Abuse so they can avoid dating such a person.  For many children it begins the healing process for the abuse they themselves have seen at home, but have been afraid to speak about.
It is time BISD consider including this subject in health class as a way to teach our young teenagers who to avoid when then begin to date and to teach all children that if Domestic Abuse is happening in their home it is wrong.  We need to teach them normal, so they do not fall into the pattern of Domestic Abuse.

See Parents Against Domestic Abuse on educating children

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