Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Let there be no mistake - TSC will be accredited - the claims the committee refused to accredit them last month is just Adela Garza putting out her disinformation.  The committee does not even meet until December. TSC is facing one problem which is very small, but never should have happened.  It seems to me if competence is in place, the problem will be resolved before the December meeting and TSC will formally be accredited.  Because the matter is so small, a waiver could be granted and accreditation could still be granted in December.  If not, they will have to wait until July.

For his complete mismanagement of the situation Kiko Rendon should step down as the Board president.  Such as Ted Cruz, Ed Rivera has proven you can have a top notch education and still be devoid of any education.  He has proven himself a major disappointment.  He seems to know nothing about community colleges and their function.

In terms of leadership, a 5 year old has more testosterone than Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera combined.  Neither had what it takes to lead when there is discord, and that lack of leadership has lead to a mess. 


I have met with elected officials and private business people and apparently a decision has been made to by-pass TSC and try and bring in Houston Community College, TSTC or some other system to work with the private and public sector to build a robotics instructional institute which will be funded as part of a joint effort with county and state offices and other public community college systems.

I have been talking about training in robotics manufacturing for over 8 years.  The TSC Board majority [I say majority because there are some who get it, but the majority do not] do not understand part of the mission of a community college is job training.

Not everyone is meant for the university.  In fact although I have a masters in education, political science and a JD, I tell parents all of the time - think outside the box of the university - there are other options.  I tell all parents - if their child is interested in the medical field do not go to TSC, just have them enlist in the Air Force.  They will get the job training while getting paid, the experience, and at the end of 4 years have the VA benefits to get a quality education wherever they want.  But the one thing I would never recommend is anyone send their child to TSC for training in any medical field.

Every politician loves to talk jobs - but no one wants to publicly attack TSC for its years of failure in developing the job training for manufacturing.  Look and see where all of Halloween plastics are made - in the USA - how? robotics.


Space X has the prospect of making Cameron county a center for aerospace manufacturing.  BUT TSC does not see the need to have trained workers in manufacturing.  The time has passed.


What does the current accreditation process have to do with why a robotics training program was not set up years ago?  Nothing - but they will use the accreditation process as an excuse to do nothing.  It is all lies because the inept leadership of Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera have no other excuse to offer.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, prevents TSC from starting the grant process now to secure the funds to build and operate the robotics manufacturing school once accreditation is complete.  The only obstacle is incompetence.


I hold to my position she inherited a nightmare.  She had warring child like trustees fighting each other.  She had Juliet Garcia hold overs fighting her.  She has an education staff opposed to excellence and which seeks to use technology as a substitute to real substantive instruction.  I would not send a child of mine to any such institute as TSC - period.

But no one is perfect.  Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera instead of mediating the problems between Lili Tercero and the old guard simply made Lili a god and in the process made her the bad person.  I am not saying she is a bad person - but because Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera were willing to run cover for her instead of dealing with the problems as they developed what we now have is a majority who will ask Dr. Tercero to leave after accreditation, and discord at every level of TSC, which is how the small mistake on the accreditation application occurred.

What ever chance Dr. Tercero had at success was lost when Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera chose to defend her at all costs instead of forcing a mediation of the problems.  You cannot force people to follow - you must find a mediated middle and for all of Ed Rivera's education he never learned such a simple but all too essential management skill.


Anonymous said...

Kiko is fking weak needs to go

BobbyWC said...

Kiko and Ed did Dr. tercero no favors by making her into a God - now they have a mess. They both should resign from the TSC Board. Had they mediated the problems as they developed Dr. Tercero could have done great things. She is qualified - there is just too much discord now because of what Kiko and Ed did in making her into a god and refusing to listen to anyone. It is sad

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Tercero is likes a divided board. There is no accountability. She snswers to no one and does as she pleases. Trust me she is not a good person. Trey has asked for a grant writer for 3 years and she will not hire one just because she doesn't have to. She is hurting TSC.

BobbyWC said...

I have read the lawsuit - if and this is a big if - I am not a fan of "based on information and belief" claims as evidence - if the allegations are true every Trustee who voted to give Escobedo's company the contract under the law can be removed as a Trustee and Dr. Lily Tercero will be out the door.

Escobedo knows if the claims are true - if he is smart, smart money has him withdrawing as the winner of the contract thereby ending the litigation. If he knows the claims are false he needs to take down the plaintiff.

The lawsuit is going be a bloodbath - I now know why they signed a Rule 11 Agreement - TSC did not want a hearing until they can determine what can and cannot be proven. The lawyers hired by the insurance company could not chance a public airing of a bloodbath so they had no choice but to agree to a Rule 11 Agreement.

The key allegation if true does allow for a TRO and immunity is waived.

I have only read the lawsuit. I was busy with a very successful meeting at BISD - so I only had time to read the lawsuit, but not the Rule 11 Agreement. In the morning I will try and read the Rule 11 Agreement and then report

Bobby WC