Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I have not commented on this because I am at a loss for words.  What do these idiots think the business community is going to think about Brownsville when it comes to trust and they fly into a run down airport with a runway which cannot support modern aircraft?
We are a city without manufacturing.  Our inept leaders at TSC cannot stop arguing long enough to find the federal and state grant money to start a robotics training program so as to draw manufacturing to Brownsville or the LRGV.
In one day the silicon corridor starting in Austin does more to ignite the future in Texas than Brownsville will do in the next 10 years.
You do not win business over with a logo which is a con job.  The business community will research Brownsville and realize a bunch of thieving con artists came up with this bogus logo and move on to anywhere but Brownsville.
At least the BV's logo promotes Brownsville's history - the importance of trade and our proximity to Latin America.  My home is filled with gladiolas from South America, brought by air cargo. This could have been Brownsville, but no - we prefer LNG pollution over flowers.

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