Saturday, August 1, 2015

It is August 1st, 38 years since mom passed from a needless heart attack.  She was dismissed as having female hysteria, put into the psych ward, vomited shortly thereafter and then proceeded to die from a heart attack.
While it may be 38 years, today many doctors still believe heart disease is a male disease.  It is not.  To women, know your body.  If the doctor dismisses you, get a new doctor.  Within the last year, a newly licensed cardiologist looked me in the face and told me my family history was unheard of because woman just do not have that many heart attacks.  I cannot believe some doctors are still teaching this nonsense in medical school
One sister died within 24 hours of a normal stress test with nuclear contrast.  Another sister has dropped from blocked arteries within hours of normal stress tests with nuclear contrast.  I believe she has now had stents placed on an emergency bases three times almost immediately after normal stress tests.
These tests are good when they tell the doctor you have a problem, but doctors need to learn a normal stress test does not mean all is well, it is not.
Protect your heart ladies, because far too many doctors still see women as not having heart disease.

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